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When is whale watching season in Iceland?


Iceland offers a great diversity of wildlife, and heading on a whale-watching tour is one of the main highlights of one’s stay on this island. Luckily, Iceland has a broad shoreline and can boast numerous whale-watching spots. But when and where is the best time and place to go whale-watching in Iceland? Read on and find out!

The best season for whale-watching

Undoubtedly, the best season for whale-watching is the summer months, from April to October. As many whale species migrate to Iceland during that time to feed in the nutrient-dense waters, this is the best time to observe an abundance of these cetaceans in the waters. If you are interested in reading more about which whales you can observe in Iceland, read our travel article here.

The weather also plays an important part in heading on a whale-watching tour. Most tour providers do not offer tours from November to January, as storms are quite regular, and heading on a boat tour would not be too pleasant.

The only species that is better observed in spring/early summer are Orcas. They are best spotted from March until early June, with the prime hotspot being in Ólafsvík, on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

Top spots for whale-watching in Iceland

Generally, most places to go whale-watching in Iceland are in the western part of the country and in the North. Húsavík is commonly known as the “capital of whale-watching” and offers many tour providers and whale sightings every season – even tracking when blue whales, the biggest species on earth, come and visit the small town in the North.

Other spots in Iceland do not rank behind, and heading on a whale-watching tour from Reykjavík can also lead to great observations! Read more about whale-watching tours from Reykjavík here. You can check out this map below to see all the whale-watching spots in Iceland. 

If you’re interested in booking a whale-watching tour, you can check out these tours here.

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