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Wildlife watching in RIB speed-boats from Reykjavík’s Old Harbour and Akureyri’s Downtown Pier. A premium experience of whales, dolphins & puffins.

Call +354 497 0000

Whale Watching Tour Agency in Reykjavík 
EST 2006
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8:00-21:00
Ægisgarður 5, Reykjavík, Iceland
Call +354 497 0000

Our experience and passion enable us to deliver the best tours humanly possible. We truly put great care and detail into our services and customer care. We have profound respect and love for nature as it has become a lifestyle for us. As our tours are authentic wildlife tours each trip can be remarkably different then the previous. We wish all our guests the best of luck!

The company’s commitment to sustainable tourism ensures that every encounter respects the marine environment, allowing travelers to experience Iceland’s rich marine biodiversity with minimal environmental impact. Our aim is to provide outstanding tours in harmony with nature.

Experience & Passion in Responsible Whale Watching Adventures

We are proud to be the first small group whale watching company focusing on the personal experience of our customers as well as being the first operator in Reykjavík that uses RIB boats along side bigger ships for whale watching. In our mind whale watching and puffin tours are a great way to unite these interests while giving locals and foreign visitors to Iceland the chance to view Iceland’s marine life.

Here's a map of our location. Parking is available to the left of the shipyard & Hotel Marina


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