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Kolaportið second hand market.
Photo: Kolaportið second hand market..

Secondhand and Thrift Shopping in Reykjavík

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As the secondhand movement grows around the globe, so does the thrifting market in Reykjavík. It’s not big on a metropolis scale, with a shop on every corner, but there are, nevertheless, several excellent options to choose from. Whether you’re on a quest for something one-of-a-kind, a piece of top-notch design or simply a bargain, Reykjavík’s diverse mix of secondhand shops will cater to your every need. 

Charity shops in Reykjavík

When looking for secondhand clothes on a budget, Rauði Krossinn Secondhand Market and Nytjamarkaður ABC are the shops to look in. Nytjamarkaður ABC has one shop in Reykjavík, located on Laugavegur street, and Rauði Krossinn has four: Two on Laugavegur street, one in Kringlan shopping centre, and one in Mjóddin shopping centre. There is also Góði hirðirinn on Köllunarklettsvegur road. It’s not in the city centre, but it’s great for finding things such as household goods, books, and suitcases. All profits from sold items in these stores go towards humanitarian efforts

Direct from seller

In the past six years, stores where you can sell your old clothes have become increasingly popular and trendy in Iceland. In Reykjavík, you can find three such stores: Barnaloppan, Verzlanahöllin, and Hringekjan. Barnaloppan, the place that got the ball rolling in 2018, exclusively sells secondhand children’s clothing and items. Located outside the city centre, it might not be within a short walking distance from your hotel, but it’s well worth a trip on the bus if you’re on the hunt for secondhand children’s products. The other two are located downtown, on Laugavegur street and Þórunnartún street, respectively. Then there is Kolaportið, a flea market by the Reykjavík harbour which has been around since 1989. It’s a popular weekend attraction, but sadly, it might not be there for much longer, as Reykjavík authorities are looking to move it. Hopefully it will manage to live on in a new location! The prices in these places range from very low to moderate, depending on both quality and each individual seller. 

Reykjavík vintage stores 

If you want something truly vintage, Wasteland on Ingólfsstræti street and Spúútnik on Laugavegur street and in Kringlan shopping centre are the places to go. 1940s Hollywood glam? All-denim like Britney and Timberlake? A bit of Who’s That Girl spunk? Offering clothes from every decade, you can find practically any style you desire there. You can also check out Gyllti kötturinn on Austurstræti street, which sells both vintage and new clothes. The prices in these stores tend to be on the higher side, but they do have some true gems to offer. 

Spúútnik vintage clothing store.
Photo: Golli. Spúútnik vintage clothing store.

High-end shopping

Looking for some killer Jimmy Choos or a Louis Vuitton tote bag? Attikk on Laugavegur street has your high-end secondhand fashion needs covered. For the past three years, the store has provided its customers with quality-checked and authenticated pre-loved designer clothing and accessories. Although the store is relatively small, you can find anything from sunglasses to cocktail dresses to polo shirts, from almost 40 well known designers. These do, of course, come with a big price tag, but you’ll save considerable sums compared to buying the items new. 

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