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The 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Iceland

By Telma

Dill restaurant in Reykjavík
Photo: Photo: Golli. Fine dining, Dill restaurant. .

Iceland offers a culinary scene as diverse and captivating as its famous landscapes. While the traditional Icelandic cuisine is rooted in the heritage of fishing, farming and preservation techniques the fine dining scene is ever evolving and embraces creativity and innovation. 

Exploring the fine dining of Reykjavík

In the capital city of Iceland you will find a vibrant dining scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. The city is home to numerous acclaimed restaurants offering an impeccable fine dining experience for the foodies of the world. 


1. Brút, Reykjavík

One of those restaurants is Brút. Helming the kitchen is Chef Ragnar Eiríksson, former head chef at Dill, who became the first Icelandic chef to earn a Michelin star. Alongside him is Sommelier Ólafur Örn Ólafsson, co-owner of Brút, whose expertise complements Ragnar´s culinary mastery perfectly. Together they have given us one of Reykjavík´s most extraordinary culinary destinations. 


2. The Fish Market, Reykjavík

For those craving some delicious fish-dishes, The Fish Market is a must-visit restaurant. Chef Hrefna Sætran´s New Style Seafood Cuisine uses fresh ingredients to prepare a modern menu from the freshest ingredients. 


3. Sümac, Reykjavík

At Sümac, an extraordinary culinary adventure awaits, guided by the talented chefs Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon and Jakob Zarioh Baldvinsson. Together, they skillfully blend pristine seasonal Icelandic ingredients with exotic spices, creating a harmonious fusion of flavours and cultural influences. Let yourself be transported on a sensory journey from Reykjavík to the vibrant coastlines of North Africa and Lebanon, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Chef´s at work in a kitchen.
Photo: Golli. Chef´s at work.


Michelin star restaurants in Reykjavík, Iceland

4. Dill, Reykjavík

The first ever restaurant in Iceland to be awarded a Michelin star was Dill. Aiming to deliver a unique and memorable experience of Iceland, they respectfully but uniquely honour Icelandic ingredients. Dill certainly pushes culinary boundaries delivering dishes as unpredictable as the Icelandic weather. 


5. ÓX, Reykjavík

Hidden behind a cocktail bar in the city centre of Reykjavík you will find ÓX, a magical 17-seat restaurant. Chef Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon takes his guests on a unique multi course journey in this very intimate and exclusive setting. 


6. Moss, Reykjavík

The Michelin-starred restaurant Moss is located at the famous Blue Lagoon. They have a seasonal set menu, an amazing selection of wines and an exclusive Kitchen´s Table experience. 

Moss Restaurant Agnar Sverrisson
Photo: Moss Restaurant / Facebook. Executive Chef at Moss Restaurant Agnar Sverrisson


Beyond Reykjavik: Fine Dining Across Iceland

While Reykjavík may be the culinary centre of Iceland, fine dining can be found in every corner of the island. From the charming town of Stykkishólmur to the remote wilderness of the Westfjords, there is enough for adventurous foodies to discover. 


7. Sjávarpakkhúsið, Stykkishólmur

Venturing to the west you will find the charming town of Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. With a breathtaking view of the colourful old harbour you will find Sjávarpakkhúsið restaurant. Here, diners can indulge in a menu of small dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, perfect for a fresh and delicious sharing dinner. 


8. Eyja, Akureyri

Moving on to the north of Iceland you will find Eyja, an amazing little wine bar and bistro in the heart of Akureyri city. With a great selection of wines and amazing food this cosy restaurant is the perfect place for a memorable night out in the north. 


9. North, Akureyri

For the ultimate fine dining experience in the north you should consider booking a table at restaurant North. They aim to share an exceptional dining experience with local ingredients, sustainable ways all the while reflecting the compelling characteristics of their land. 


10. Umi, Hvolsvöllur

Nestled in Hvolfsvöllur village in the scenic south of Iceland, restaurant Umi beckons as a culinary gem where traditional Nordic and Icelandic cuisine intertwine with the artistry of Japanese culinary techniques. Set amidst the untamed beauty of the southern landscape, diners are invited to savour exquisite flavours while being captivated by breathtaking views. 


From the bustling streets of Reykjavik to the remote corners of the countryside, Icelandic restaurants proudly use locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that every dish tells a story of the land and sea. Whether you’re indulging in innovative cuisine in the capital city or savouring traditional flavours in a cosy village setting, one thing is certain: dining in Iceland is an experience like no other.

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