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Find romance in Reykjavík at the Sky Lagoon
Photo: From ‘Sky Lagoon Pure Pass’.

Romance in Reykjavík

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For those seeking romance in Reykjavík, where are the intimate restaurants, bars, and attractions? What can Honeymooners do in the city to keep things spicy? Read on to learn all there is to know about getting amorous in Iceland’s capital.

Ah, Reykjavík. 

It may not be Paris. It may not be Rome. But the world’s northernmost capital city has much to offer the loved-up amongst you.

With that said, those planning a romantic visit to the crown jewel of Icelandic civilisation will need to be prepared. 

Love is no easy thing. To remain the apple of your loved one’s eye, you’ll need to appear well-organised – and yet, spontaneous – throughout your trip. 

Fear not, elskan mín (“my love.”) 

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Reykjavík’s most enchanting spots so that you can remain the apple of their eye right up until your plane takes you home. 

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Reykjavik - a city to fall in love with (...and in!)

Romance in Reykjavík
Photo: Golli. A couple in Reykjavík during winter.

With its stunning natural scenery, vibrant cultural scene, and cosy atmosphere, Iceland’s capital city exudes romance at every turn. 

From breath-taking landscapes composed of rugged coastlines and Northern Lights to intimate cafes, buzzing art galleries, and bustling nightlife, Reykjavik has long staged unforgettable romantic experiences for travelling pairs.

Whether exploring its charming streets hand in hand, feeding one another local cuisine, or embarking on outdoor adventures, Reykjavik offers couples a truly captivating blend of comfort, intimacy, and Icelandic allure.

But don’t just take my word for it. ABC’s The Bachelor was filmed here only a few seasons ago. How much more persuasion do you need than that?

Alright, that particular rose ceremony might not be the best example… 

What does Reykjavík have to offer couples?

If you’re hoping to keep the waters of your relationship smooth and exciting during your time in RYK – unlike dear old Clayton’s, the lovesick fool – you’ll find romance waiting in each corner of the city. 

Are you a sophisticated, cerebral couple who immerses themselves in local culture when travelling? Good news, for you’ll find museums and art galleries in the city aplenty. 

(If the Reykjavík Maritime Museum doesn’t get you hot under the collar, we’re not sure what will.)

A couple at the spa
Photo: Sky Lagoon Sky Pass with Transfer

Are you, perhaps, seeking intimate eateries with atmospheric lighting and cosy corners? Well, you need only walk down the main shopping street, Laugavegur, in order to be spoiled for choice.

On the other hand, your love may be so powerful that there’s little need to bolster it with unwarranted expense. 

In that case, you’ll find walking hand-in-hand on Reykjavík’s streets romantic enough, characterised as it is by leafy parks, twinkling water-bodies, and uniquely European ambience.

However you hope to find romance in Reykjavík, let us help with providing you with a few ideas on how you can keep the magic alive during your time here. 

Romantic Restaurants in Reykjavík

Dill restaurant in Reykjavík
Photo: Golli. Fine dining, Dill restaurant.

If your relationship is anything like mine, it largely centres around mutual eating.

Thankfully, it is an experience easily elevated by dining out. Not only does it give you the chance to deep-dive into Reykjavík’s culinary scene. It also allows you and your partner to enjoy one another’s company without distraction.  

Please note that all of the entries we’ve listed below can be found in central Reykjavík, close by to the majority of downtown hotels and accommodations.  

Newly-weds, particularly, will be interested to know which spots will keep their honeymoon spicy and tender, in all the right ways.

Sushi Social

Photo: Social Sushi Facebook.

At first, it might seem at odds to fuse the loud and colourful culinary traditions of Argentina with the more precise, elegant customs practised in Japan. 

And yet, Sushi Social manages to confound expectations, offering an eclectic menu that showcases the best dishes from both nations. 

For a date night, we would recommend one of the shared menus. Should you order it, you’ll have a chance to sample many menu items. 

For instance, you might start with a lightly-fried lobster cigar, followed by carpaccio-topped sushi with tuna and avocado, followed by a moist cut of Wagyu steak.


Food at Skreið
Photo: skreid.rvk

Tapas is the name of the game at Skreið, offering small, flavoursome dishes you can keep ordering throughout the night. 

Pair that with a gorgeous vintage and subtle, Mediterranean charm, and you have yourself all the ingredients for a good time. 

Menu items include: grilled tomaca bread with iberico ham, goat cheese with bell pepper glaze, chorizo with chimichurri, and many more traditional spanish treats.

Experience the Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon Iceland

There’s nothing like relaxing in the soothing embrace of Iceland’s geothermal waters.

One of the newer spas to utilise the bubbling heat beneath ground is the Sky Lagoon, a stunning and serene spa that offers it guests more than your typical bathing site. 

For example, guests at the Sky Lagoon might first take a quick detour to the swim-up bar, purchasing any one of the many drink specials provided.

After that, they can wade to the lagoon’s infinity pool, looking out over the vast Atlantic Ocean,  savouring the heat and comfort felt shoulders down. 

Elevate your visit to the Sky Lagoon with the Ritual

You might be asking yourself – there are many spas in Iceland, so what does the Sky Lagoon offer that others do not? 

Well, for starters, visitors can take part in the Ritual.

This is a seven-step program that includes destressing inside a sauna, taking a mist bath, and rubbing yourself in silica rich lotions and pastes.

While this experience might cost a little more, it is well-worth it. After all, do you and your loved one not deserve to be pampered on vacation?

One of the best aspects of the Sky Lagoon is how close it is to downtown Reykjavík. If you’re staying close to the city centre, it will take you no more than ten minutes drive to reach this premium health spot. 

That means that after stopping at the Sky Lagoon, it’s easy enough to venture back into the city for a spot of dinner, or perhaps, Northern Lights hunting? 

Whatever the case, you’ll have no regrets about choosing Sky Lagoon as your next date spot. 

Culture Dates in Reykjavík

Skólavörðustígur Reykjavík pride LGBTQ+
Photo: Golli. A pair snaps a selfie with the Skólavörðustígur rainbow as a backdrop at the 2019 Pride Parade in Reykjavík

Relationships thrive on discovery. Sometimes, this takes the form of unravelling the intimate layers of another person through conversation. Other times, it is as simple as sharing a memorable experience together.

While visiting Iceland on vacation or honeymoon, immersing yourself in the local culture and history might not be your top priority—unless you or your partner are particularly enthusiastic about such things.

(If that’s the case, one of you may need to practice patience when the other becomes engrossed in an informative plaque about Reykjavík’s oldest granary. Sorry, but that’s marriage.)     

And, learning about Iceland doesn’t have to be overly stuffy or academic. In fact, some attractions offer something truly precious—a means of strengthening the already solid bond you and your partner share.

With all this in mind, choosing a prime culture spot for your date night should be a welcome addition to your time in the city. However, deciding exactly where to visit can be tough in itself.

To save you a public argument at the hotel lobby’s leaflet rack, here are a few notable ideas to get you started:

Perlan Sightseeing Platform in Iceland
Photo: Perlan's 360° sightseeing platform offers great vantage points.

Great date ideas in Reykjavík

Perlan Museum and Observation Deck offers fun, interactive exhibitions that simulate Iceland’s natural wonders, as well as boasting a panoramic viewing deck from which to view the city. (If you’re looking for a sensual make-out spot, this could be the one…)

In summer, couples could also venture into the Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo. While there are no large animals on display, visitors can see such creatures as: Arctic foxes, Harbour seals, Mink, and Icelandic horses. Currently, there are plans in the works to expand the facilities, including the addition of a special science house, that will further complement the green ambience of Laugardalur park.  

On that note, Laugardalur also happens to the location of a fun swimming complex, complete with hot pools and slides. There are many swimming pools throughout the city, and each offers their own charms. Not just that; outdoor bathing is a tradition in Iceland, providing the people with respite, relaxation, and community.

Photo: Golli. Sundhöll swimming pool in Reykjavík

One for the body, one for the mind

Those seeking to further ingratiate themselves into Icelandic culture will want to make a special effort to visit the city’s museums. There are many exhibitions, on a wide variety of subjects, that might draw your fancy. 

For example, did you know that staring at genitals can actually be a surprisingly fun and bonding experience? 

I say this in all sincerity. In Iceland, thousands of happy couple have engaged in exactly this. And while you might be questioning just how said partnerships found themselves taking part in what sounds like rather risqué behaviour, the answer is actually far more innocent than you might imagine.

Two Tickets for Reykjavík’s Quirky Museums & Galleries

Pulling penis-style pints
Photo: Penis Museum Facebook. The museum has a cafe/bar and gift shop.

You guessed it! 

The Icelandic Phallological Museum – or Penis Museum, as many know it – might be considered romantic by some. (Admittedly, opinions do vary.)

It’s worthy of a mention if only for the fact that you and your significant other might, on occasion, make love using your… well, let’s leave it there shall we? 

Now that your mind’s out of the gutter, take stock of the fact that the Penis Museum – I mean, the Icelandic Phallological Museum – is a scientific institute of the highest order, so please show a little class.

Check out the below video to see the museum’s founder, Sigurður Hjartarson, discuss his collection on UK television.      

It has an enormous collection of preserved members; so bulky, in fact, that a sample from almost every species in Iceland has been accounted for. When my father paid a visit to Iceland a few years ago, he was so taken with the idea that he refused to step foot inside. I do hope you don’t make the same mistake. 

Sure, the science is all very well, but learning about sex organs certainly makes for a unique Reykjavík date night. 

And, hey – they say relationships are built on laughter. The question is, are you the sort of couple to laugh at that type of thing?

Witness the cosmos come alive!

Perlan Planetarium Northern Lights

There are many other museums in Reykjavík to explore, albeit with less novelty. Another good choice to visit would be Aurora Reykjavík, the Northern Lights Centre, where, as a pair, you can learn more about the dazzling, otherworldly phenomena that sometimes dominates Iceland’s winter sky. 

Stopping here is particularly apt for summer travellers who have no chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis during their trip, and their gift shop also sells some beautiful trinkets and souvenirs, many of which could easily be bought as a sentimental reminder of your time together in the country.

If you’re hoping to see the Northern Lights in-person during your trip, make sure to browse through our selection of Aurora Borealis tours before heading off. 

Lovers looking to impress might want to focus to this Northern Lights Yacht Cruise, which sees you hunting down the auroras in true Icelandic style.

(How’s that for being an excellent wingman, huh?)

Listen to your heart... and look at art!

Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir aka Shoplifter and her art.
Photo: FB. Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir aka Shoplifter and her art.

Culture-couples may also want to venture a small way out of town to visit the Chromo Sapiens exhibition at Höfuðstöðin. 

Founded by the influential Icelandic artist, Shoplifter, this vibrant art centre is host to a fascinating and tactile exhibition where the walls and ceilings have been covered with colourful tendrils.  

Shoplifter’s kaleidoscopic world is as exciting to look at as it is to feel. Observers interact with the exhibition, wrapping themselves in soft fabrics, taking photos beneath soft-lit lights, and passing from section to the next at their own pace.    

Where else can couples find romance in Reykjavík?

Bíó Paradís
Photo: Bíó Paradís FB. Along with screenings and film festivals, Bíó Paradís hosts a variety of cultural events

The cinema is a time-honoured staple when it comes to date nights.

Sharing a bucket of popcorn. Holding hands in the dark. Seeking protection from one another in particularly tense, celluloid moments. Shuffling around awkwardly as people attempt to find seats on your row. All of this adds to the charm of visiting the big screen!

Reykjavík’s Bíó Paradís should be your go-to, outmanoeuvring the larger cinema chains thanks to its authenticity and history of entertaining downtown residents.

Bíó Paradís often focuses on showcasing small, artistic, foreign films, but also hosts a weekly party screening, projecting classics like Love Actually (2003) or The Birdcage (1996) to a raucous crowd. 

With all that said, choosing Bíó Paradís for your date means far more than just watching a movie. It’s about immersing yourself in a cultural landmark that celebrates the art of film and the joy of shared experiences.

End on something sweet...

Two people eating ice cream in the snow.
Photo: Golli. Two people eating ice cream in the snow.

You could complement your time in-front of the big screen by afterwards taking part in a bonafide Icelandic tradition – getting ice cream. 

Given Iceland’s often tumultuous weather and subarctic climate, one might question why the locals have a penchant for cold dairy treats. And yet, the evidence is readily apparent. It even has a name – Ísbíltúr (basically, “Ice-cream road trip!”)  

We would recommend Ísbúðin Valdís on account that they offer many old favourites when it comes to flavour, plus a few exotic choices like liquorice and turkish pepper. 

Find romance in Reykjavík's nature trails

Walking in the city
Photo: Golli. Taking a stroll in Iceland's capital.

If instead you would like to save some krona, might we recommend taking a pleasant walk around Tjörnin, or “The Pond”.

This beautifully and historically important location sits just besides Reykjavík City Hall, Iðnó Theatre, and the park, Hljómskálagarður, and offers lovely views over some of the capital’s older buildings. 

Another lovely spot to take in the scenery, or a sunset, is Grótta lighthouse.

This beloved landmark can be found just northwest of Reykjavík, in the windy town of Seltjarnarnes.

Make sure to bring a camera, for you’ll be able to capture some beautiful shots of you and your better half framed by the shimmering blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tour ideas for couples outside of Reykjavík

A couple at geysir geothermal area
Photo: Golli. A couple watches Strokkur explode!

Romance is lovely and all, but strong couples wouldn’t get in their heads about it, especially given the wealth of attractions and activities on offer in Iceland.

As luck would have it, the majority of tour experiences can be started from Reykjavík. It is from the city where many coaches and excursions leave from each day. 

While not wildly romantic, per se, activities like Whale Watching or Glacier Hiking are sure to provide plenty of photo opportunities. This will keep you well-stocked for sharing your romantic images on Instagram and Facebook, or hanging them on the walls of that lovely home of yours.  

Of course, the adventure opportunities do not end there. Perhaps you are more inclined to discover Iceland’s underwater world, in which case you should peruse the Scuba Diving & Snorkelling tours on offer at Silfra glacier ravine. 

On the other hand, perhaps a quaint Horse Riding Tour through Iceland’s farmlands sounds more your speed? Or maybe a helicopter ride over the city skyline?

Ready to feel the love in Iceland?

However you and your partner choose to explore Reykjavík and its surrounding areas, rest easy knowing that countless couples have shared the magic and contentment this city emanates. 

Now, the only question is – how will you demonstrate your romantic passions during your time in this beautiful city?

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