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Where Can I Do My Laundry in Reykjavík?

By Hafdis

Laundry hanging outside in Iceland
Photo: Golli.

Some accommodations in Reykjavík have laundry machines on the premises. For visitors who do not have access to laundry facilities, there are other possibilities, such as laundromats and dry cleaning services. You may be able to recognize these businesses by name, as most of the time, they include the Icelandic terms for laundry or dry cleaners: efnalaug and fatahreinsun.

Laundromats in Reykjavík

Wash Laundromat

In Reykjavík city centre on Grettisgata 3, you will find the self-service Wash Laundromat. This laundromat has new machines that take up to 10 kg [22 lbs] of laundry. As of 2024, the price is ISK 890 [$6.50, €6] for a wash, which includes a gentle detergent. It is the same price for 30 minutes of drying. Payment is by debit/credit card or coins. The laundromat has a seating area, but due to its central location, there is plenty to do to keep you occupied while you wait.

The Laundromat Cafe

Another laundry facility in downtown Reykjavík is The Laundromat Cafe on Austurstræti 9. As the name suggests, Laundromat Cafe is a coffee house with a laundry facility, which is located in the basement. The price is ISK 1,299 [$9.50, €8.70] for a wash and the same for drying. You can sit down and enjoy a snack or a beverage at the cafe while waiting for your laundry or use the time to explore the city centre.

Dry cleaning services in Reykjavík

Dry cleaners in the capital area, such as Úðafoss, Hraði and Fjöður, offer wash, dry and fold services in addition to their regular dry cleaning services. The rate for laundry is weight-based. Depending on your location, you may have the option of a pick-up/delivery service for an extra fee. Note that dry cleaners close earlier than the laundromats and are usually closed on Sundays.


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