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Find South Iceland Souvenirs at UNA Local Product in Hvolsvöllur

By Michael Chapman

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Are you searching for the perfect South Iceland souvenirs? Will you be stopping in at Hvolsvöllur in the near future? Visit UNA Local Product, guaranteed to offer a wide selection of bonafide Icelandic goods. Read on for more information.


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This quirky little souvenir shop—known locally as Sveitabúðin Una—is located in the town of Hvolsvöllur. You can find it roughly 106 km east of Reykjavík.

Its name is derived from an old legend. Particularly its central character—Una Álfkona (or, Una the Elf Woman)—who was said to live nearby at Rauðafell farmstead.

Photo: Sveitabúðin UNA - UNA Local Product

Hvolsvöllur itself is a place worthy of note. It’s close to countless amazing sites, including the waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, and Eyjafjallajökull glacier.

You should definitely aim to include a stop there in your itinerary if you haven’t already. 

The town has quite the cultural significance also, as showcased in their museum, The Saga Centre. Here, you can learn more about the ancient Icelanders who lived and worked in this stunning area. 

Nowadays, the town is a popular place for visitors and locals to engage in a little horseback riding, hiking, and, of course, shopping.

Regarding the last of these choices, be sure that if you’re only a quick pitstop for retail opportunities, then UNA Local Product should be at the very top of your list.

Where exactly is UNA Local Product?

Travelling through Hvolsvöllur, you’re sure to recognize the shop by sight alone.

It is situated in a bright red, corrugated Nissen hut which was once used as part of the town’s first shop. 

For anyone wondering, Nissen huts are prefabricated structures often used by the military or, as was once true in this case, in the fish processing industry.

Much like Made in Island in Selfoss, UNA Local Product stays true to its name, selling only authentic Icelandic products.

Lopapeysas - Traditional Icelandic Sweaters

Photo: Sveitabúðin UNA - UNA Local Product

For instance, if you’re seeking out a traditional Icelandic sweater—known as lopapeysas—then UNA Local Product is an excellent purveyor. 

By some estimates, it has the biggest collection in the whole of South Iceland. In fact, the shop boasts that over 150 local women knit these particular garments, ensuring their authenticity and style.

On the face of it, a woollen jumper might not seem the hippest of attires. But wouldn’t you know that lopapeysas have been worn by Icelandic outdoorsmen for centuries?

The thick sheep’s wool from which these sweaters are made keeps the wearer insulated and protected from the harsh elements this island is so known for.

And in Iceland, the best way to remain cool is, often enough, to remain warm.

What else does UNA Local Product offer?

Photo: Sveitabúðin UNA - UNA Local Product

UNA Local Product is more than just your everyday store. Rather, it is something closer to a celebration of Icelandic culture itself. Truly, South Iceland souvenirs do not come more authentic than this.

Step inside and you’ll find an array of products that embody the essence of this chilly Nordic isle. Handmade crafts, local delicacies, and practical items; each of their products tells a rich story of Iceland’s heritage and commitment to artisanal practices. 

The items you’ll discover are not just Icelandic in origin, but design. The shelves are filled with traditional items like lava rock jewellery and hand-carved wooden utensils, but there are also more modern choices too, like locally made skincare products. 

Whatever takes your fancy, rest easy knowing it has been crafted in such a way as to reflect the natural beauty and cultural depth of the land.

Photo: Sveitabúðin UNA - UNA Local Product

In addition to lopapeysas, the store also offers a variety of other woollen goods, such as hats, mittens, and scarves, all made from fluffy sheep covering. 

These clothing items are not only perfect for keeping warm during the dark and snowy Icelandic winters, but they also make for wonderful gifts… especially for those who might be waiting for you back home.

Anything to eat..?

With all of this selection, you might find your stomach rumbling. 

Well, UNA Local Product also stocks a great variety of gourmet Icelandic foods. Visitors with an adventurous palette can sample all manner of products. Smoked fish. Local cheeses. A variety of sweets and candies. Don’t be afraid to go for some of the more unique options available. 

While you might be tempted to gorge yourself there and then, remember that these tasty treasures also make perfect mementos of your travels.

Whether you are looking for a meaningful souvenir, a unique gift, or simply wish to immerse yourself in Icelandic culture, UNA Local Product in Hvolsvöllur is a must-visit destination..

Photo: Sveitabúðin UNA - UNA Local Product

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