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Glymur Waterfall Iceland
Photo: Photo: Berglind – Glymur Waterfall .

Day Hike to Glymur Waterfall: A Guide

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Iceland is a hiker’s paradise with its dramatic and otherworldly landscapes. Among many stunning destinations, Glymur waterfall stands out as one of the country’s most spectacular waterfalls. Nestled in Hvalfjörður fjord, this day hike offers adventurous souls an unforgettable trip through picturesque sceneries. In this guide we will explore everything you need to know before hiking up to Glymur waterfall. 


How to get to Glymur waterfall

The waterfall is located approximately 71,6 kilometres (444 mi) from Reykjavík city, making it an accessible day trip for those staying in the city. The trailhead is situated near the entrance to Hvalfjörður, and reaching it requires driving along Route 47. 

There are two options to get to the waterfall. You can either hike to the highest point, turn back around and follow the same trail back to the parking lot or you can cross the river above the highest point and hike in a circle. Either way the hike offers amazing views and both trails are fine for non experienced hikers. Just remember to be careful. 


Glymur hike

The hike is moderate-level with the round trip being around 7 kilometres (4,4 mi). The trail will take you through diverse landscapes, including moss-covered lava fields, rugged cliffs and tranquil riverside paths. It is advisable to budget a minimum of 4 hours to complete the hike, depending on the pace and time spent enjoying the scenery. 

Before embarking on your hike up to Glymur waterfall, make sure you check the weather forecast and trail conditions. Pack a backpack with a bottle of water, some snacks and a dry pair of socks. Always dress appropriately with layers and wear sturdy hiking boots. When reaching the top of the waterfall it is possible to cross the river and descend on the other side. To do so it might be advisable to bring waterproof sandals and a small towel to dry off your cold and wet feet after. 

Note: The hike is quite dangerous to do during the winter months and it is advised not to do the hike when ice and snow covers the ground. 


Highlights Along the Way:

As you venture on there are several noteworthy sights that await you. 

Hvalfell mountain
The hike begins with a gradual ascend through the picturesque valley, offering a stunning view of Hvalfell mountain. 

Botnsá river
Approximately within 30 minutes from setting out, you will encounter Botnsá river, which flows from Glymur´s cascading waters. The trail follows the riverbank, providing a peaceful backdrop of flowing waters. Soon you will reach a river crossing. When weather conditions permit (usually spring until autumn) a log is placed to assist hikers cross the river. 

The gorge views
One of the most beautiful sections of the hike is traversing a narrow gorge carved by Botnsá river. Bridges offer hikers a thrilling viewpoint from which you can admire the roaring waters below. 

Glymur waterfall
The absolute highlight of the hike is when Glymur waterfall comes into view as you near the end of the trail. Plunging 198 metres (650 ft) into the rugged canyon, Glymur captivates everyone with its raw power and beauty. When reaching the highest point you can now choose whether you turn around and follow the same trail back or you cross the river at the top. Here there are no cables or logs to assist but crossing it is easy enough as long as you´re careful. After crossing the river you can descend on the other side and admire the views from a different angle. 


A day hike to Glymur waterfall is a great adventure through Iceland´s mesmerising landscapes and is just one of the many options for day hikes close to Reykjavík city. From tranquil riverbanks and wide valleys to thundering waterfalls, every step of the way has something to behold. Whether you´re an experienced hiker or just a nature enthusiast, the hike to Glymur waterfall beckons with its unparalleled beauty and serenity.

So what are you waiting for? Lace up the hiking boots and prepare yourself to be awed by one of Iceland’s most magnificent natural wonders. 


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