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Culture & Coffee at Siguranna café in Reykjavík

By Michael Chapman

Photo: Siguranna Facebook.

The following is promotional content in partnership with Siguranna café.

Iceland’s vibrant capital city, Reykjavík, is not short of cosy coffee houses. But some have far more to offer guests than the typical selection of hot pastries and fruity teas. In fact, Siguranna café, in particular, blows the competition out of the water.

Named jointly after its friendly joint owners, Sigurveig and Anna, Siguranna exceeds expectations in ways most cafés could never dream of.

This is not only thanks to the delectable flavours on its menu, but also the affable nature of its staff and the intimate ambience they provide.

For those who rely on a caffeine boost to start their day, Siguranna transforms the simple act of sipping hot java into an unforgettable experience. This is largely due to the café’s location in the historic building, Safnahusið, as well as their wide selection of cakes, pastries, paninis, and salads.

Before reading on, make sure to check out this informative video from Sigurveig and Anna introducing their café:

What is Safnahusið?

Safnahusið – or the House of Collections – is a cornerstone of Iceland’s art and culture scene. As part of the National Gallery of Iceland, it is regularly used as an exhibition space for local and visiting creators, as well as a venue for sophisticated events and functions.

With a bright white exterior and gated courtyard, the building is located on Hverfisgata street, smack between the monolithic architecture of Þjóðleikhúsið, Iceland’s National Theatre, and the city park, Arnarholl.

Given that Hverfisgata runs parallel to Reykjavík’s main shopping street, Laugavegur, you’ll likely find yourself passing the building while discovering the downtown area. If so, it is well worth stopping in to see why Safnahusið commands such respect.

A brief history of Safnahusið

Siguranna cafe can be found in the House of Collections in Reykjavik, Iceland
Photo: Siguranna Facebook.

For one, Safnahusið has an incredibly storied past. 

The building was first constructed in 1909. For 85 years, it was home to the National Library, with bookshelves brimming with ancient sagas and local manuscripts. Later, it would be used to store the national archives before being the primary home of the Nature Museum and National Museum.

In 2000, the building changed its name to the Culture House, though this rebrand did not last long. In Spring 2014, it reverted to its former name, Safnahusið, and it has remained as such ever since.

Currently, Safnahusið hosts the permanent exhibition, Points of View, which is curated by the house’s director, Markús Þór Andrésson. Drawing from the National Gallery, the National Archives, and the National Museum, this exhibition provides a fantastic overview of not just Safnahusið’s history, but also Iceland’s unique Nordic culture.

What does Siguranna café offer?

Siguranna's food selection
Photo: Siguranna Facebook.

Exploring the nuances of Icelandic culture can be thirsty work.

Thankfully, Siguranna café is there to provide respite, relief, and relaxation. As with most cafés, customers pick their favourite method of consuming coffee, be it a latte, macchiato, or espresso.

Younger guests – or those who never acquired the taste for inky brew – can pick out any number of soft drinks. After all, Siguranna café promotes a family atmosphere, welcoming those of all ages into their quaint tea room.

But, of course, drinking is only half the story. And when it comes to food, Siguranna café has rightfully formed a fantastic reputation.

Sandwiches from Siguranna
Photo: Siguranna Facebook.

Particular recommendations would be the fresh, homemade scones, baked to perfection thanks to a recipe passed down to Sigurveig from her grandmother.

Other delicious choices might include a slice of lemon or chocolate chip pound cake, or fresh cookies straight out of the oven.

If you’re looking for something a little heartier than baked snacks, Siguranna café has plenty for the hungrier individual. Hot paninis, salads, and Danish-style open face sandwiches can all be ordered, though the menu does change regularly. 

Keep up to date with what’s on offer by following Siguranna café on social media.

Photo: Siguranna Facebook

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