Residential Survey on Downtown Selfoss

Selfoss - Suðurland - Ölfusá

Last week, the Árborg Municipal Council approved a public consultation regarding a proposed change to the zoning plan in downtown Selfoss and an agreement between the municipality and Sigtún Development Company.

As part of an initiative to revitalise Selfoss, the largest town in South Iceland, planners have in recent years begun work on a walkable, historic downtown area. New shops and a food hall have already popped up, in addition to recent investments into other community infrastructure.

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The proposed change involves reducing the size of Sigtúnsgarður Park by 2,800 square metres while increasing the total public space downtown by 1,400 square metres.

The survey began last Thursday and will conclude on Thursday, May 25th at 6:00 p.m. Residents of Árborg, aged sixteen and older, can participate in the survey.

An informational meeting was also held yesterday, May 22, where representatives from both Árborg Municipality and Sigtún Development Company fielded questions regarding the proposed changes to zoning.


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