Facebook Maintains Popularity, Tik Tok on the Rise in Iceland

Nine out of ten Icelanders use Facebook regularly and over half use YouTube, Snapchat, Spotify, and Instagram. The data comes from a social media usage survey conducted by MMR last May. The survey also showed that 14% of respondents used Tik Tok, compared to just 0.2% last year.

Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat were the three most popular platforms (in that order) among Icelanders, unchanged from the previous three years. Facebook usage has remained consistent over the last four years, with between 89-92% of locals saying they use Facebook regularly. Instagram has grown in popularity over the same period: while 30% stated they used the platform on a regular basis in 2017, the figure this year was 55%. Spotify jumped from 26% to 57% over the same period.

Women were more likely to report using Facebook, Snapchat, Spotify, and Instagram regularly, while men were more likely than women to use YouTube regularly. While women’s usage of Facebook grew by 3% as compared to survey results from last year, men’s usage of the platform decreased by 7%.

Tik Tok showed more growth between years than any other platform in the survey, and 42% of the youngest age group (18-29) stated they used the platform regularly.