Suspect Detained in Connection With Selfoss Death Released

Selfoss - Suðurland - Ölfusá

The police in South Iceland have released one of the two men arrested in connection with the death of a young woman in Selfoss last week. The authorities are seeking extended custody over the other suspect.

Death at a private residence in Selfoss

Last Friday, two men in their twenties were arrested following the death of a woman at a private residence in Selfoss, South Iceland. Frímann Baldursson, Chief Inspector with the Selfoss Police, told Vísir at the time that the circumstances of the woman’s death remained “unclear” and that a preliminary investigation was underway.

Yesterday, the South Iceland Police announced that one of the men had been released from custody. The announcement also noted that the investigation into the woman’s death was still ongoing. The woman was named Sofia Sarmite Kolesnikova and she was 28 years old, Vísir reports.

“Recently, the police chief made a decision to release the second man from custody. A demand has been submitted to the district court for the other man to remain in custody, based on the interests of the investigation,” the announcement from the police reads.

Vísir also spoke to attorney Torfi Ragnar Sigurðsson, who is representing the young man who has been recently released from custody: “My client has been released from custody. The fact that he was released indicates that the police believe that he was not involved in the [woman’s death.]”

Two Men Detained Following Death of Young Woman in Selfoss

A woman in her twenties was found dead at a private residence in Selfoss yesterday. Two men, also in their twenties, have been detained by the police, Vísir reports.

Preliminary investigation underway

Two people were arrested yesterday following the death of a woman in her twenties at a private residence in Selfoss, South Iceland. Frímann Baldursson, Chief Inspector with the Selfoss Police, told Vísir that the circumstances of the death remain unclear and that a preliminary investigation was underway.

“There is a preliminary investigation underway. While we are investigating the case, two people are being held in custody. The circumstances are a bit unclear,” Frímann stated. As noted by Vísir, the South Iceland Police are being assisted by the technical department of the Capital Area Police, which is focused on determining how the woman’s death occurred.

RÚV reported on the story first.

Young Woman Died from Cold-Weather Exposure in December

A woman in her forties was found dead not far from her home near Esjumelur in Mosfellsbær on December 20, RÚV reports. The precise time of her death remains unknown.

The storm before Christmas

Following heavy snow in the capital area during the days leading up to Christmas, Reykjanesbraut – the road leading to Keflavík Airport – became impassable. The closure led to numerous flight delays and cancellations, with many travellers expressing their criticism of the Icelandic authorities.

During the time of the storm, a woman in her forties – living in Esjumelur in Mosfellsbær – was on her way home on foot. She was found dead near her residence on December 20. She died from exposure to cold temperatures. The precise time of her death is unknown.

In an interview with RÚV yesterday, Chief Inspector of the Capital Area Police, Grímur Grímsson, stated that there was no evidence of foul play.

Death from exposure in Iceland is extremely rare, but the cold snap that has persisted in the country over the past six weeks has been one of the worst in years.

Woman in Serious Condition After Yesterday’s Shooting

Metropolitan Police

A young woman is in serious condition after a shooting in Reykjavík yesterday, Vísir reports. The police authorities admit that gun-related crimes are a growing concern.

Nearly 80 police officers dispatched

A man and a woman were transported to the emergency ward with serious injuries following a shooting in the Grafarholt neighbourhood of Reykjavík yesterday morning. After an extensive manhunt, a man in his twenties was detained on Miklabraut, along with a suspected accomplice.

According to Vísir, the gunman fired shots from range at his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. The woman was shot in her abdomen, the man in his thigh.

Do not pose a risk to the public

When asked if the attack had been premeditated, Margeir Sveinsson, Assistant Chief of the Capital Area Police, refused to speculate. “We have two suspects in custody, and we’re looking into it.”

Both of the suspects are in their thirties and have a criminal record. One of the men has spent a portion of his adult life in prison, according to Vísir. The police will seek continued custody over the suspects.

“We don’t believe that the men pose a risk to the public; the violence was contained within a certain group, and the attack was aimed at certain people. This is not to say that bystanders weren’t in jeopardy,” Margeir remarked.

Gun-related crime a growing concern

The shooting yesterday marked the second time in less than a year that a person has been shot in Iceland.  In February of last year, a man was shot dead outside his home in Rauðagerði, Reykjavík. This summer, an armed man was shot by the police in Egilsstaðir in East Iceland.

“It’s not been long since a similar shooting took place,” Margeir told Vísir. “We take this very seriously, and we are, to say the least, not thrilled about these developments.”