Three Wounded Following Knife Attack in Reykjavík Nightclub

Four people have been arrested following a physical altercation at a Reykjavík nightclub yesterday, RÚV reports. Three men in their early twenties, all of whom had suffered knife wounds, were transported to the ER.

Search warrants executed, four arrested

A group of men barged into the nightclub Bankstræti Club in downtown Reykjavík last night. The group, reportedly dressed in dark clothes, attacked three other men (all of whom are about twenty years old) before absconding from the club. The police were notified at just after 11.30 PM and arrived on the scene quickly, RÚV reports.

The police immediately began searching for the assailants, who are believed to have been inside the club briefly. Dozens of police officers were involved in the investigation and a few search warrants have already been executed.

The Capital Area Police, assisted by special forces, has stated that the investigation is a priority. Investigators aim to determine whether the assault was an act of revenge or a reckoning, RÚV reports. Most of the involved parties are believed to be Icelandic, although details currently remain unclear.

“The police were armed during yesterday’s operations, given the seriousness of the attack,” a statement by the police reads.

Armed Man Wounded by East Iceland Police Last Night

The police in East Iceland shot and wounded an armed man in Egilsstaðir last night, reports. No police officers were injured. The man has been transferred to the University Hospital in Reykjavík for treatment.

“Gunshots heard”

Shortly after 10 pm yesterday, the police in East Iceland was notified of an individual firing shots in Dalsel, a residential area in Egilsstaðir. In an interview with, Þröstur Jónsson, a resident of Dalsel, stated that he had heard “popping noises, as if from a skateboard,” from inside his garage. Stepping outside, Þröstur observed as police officers ordered the man to lay down his weapon. It is not clear at this point what kind of weapon the man was brandishing.

The gunman, approximately 30 years of age, was reportedly standing in the street, in front of a police vehicle, when the officers shot him in the stomach. The man was treated by emergency respondents and transferred to the University Hospital in Reykjavík in an ambulance flight. The man’ condition remains unknown, although multiple sources report that he is alive. No police officers were wounded.

No further information will be provided by the East Iceland police at this time.

Cannot comment at this stage of the investigation

In an interview with RÚV, Kolbrún Benediktsdóttir, Deputy District Attorney, revealed that the DA’s office had dispatched personnel to investigate the shooting. “The investigation is in its initial stages, so we can’t comment.”

When asked about the next steps of the investigation, Kolbrún remarked that the DA’s office would be conducting interviews over the coming days.

(This article was updated on 3 pm.)