Bláfjöll Ski Area to Open Tomorrow

bláfjöll ski area iceland

As the capital region deals with heavy snowfall and road closures, the Bláfjöll ski area plans to open tomorrow.

Bláfjöll ski area is the capital region’s most popular ski destination, located in Hellisheiði, a plateau that separates the Reykjanes peninsula from the South Coast.

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However, only the slope “Drottningin” (The Queen) currently has enough snow to be operational. The slope “Kóngurinn” (The King) still requires more snow cover.

Skiers can also expect significant changes to the area, as the slopes have been under renovation since this spring, with two new lifts being installed.

Einar Bjarnason, manager of the ski area, stated to Vísir that, “we’ve been working day and night shoveling and moving snow. We’re trying for tomorrow.”

Einar also stated that he was hopeful that “Kóngurinn” could be opened this coming weekend, when further snow is expected.