Fatal Accident in Borgarfjörður

fatal accident Iceland

One person was killed in a traffic accident by Hraunsnef in Borgarfjörður, West Iceland yesterday evening, RÚV reports. Two others were transported to the National University Hospital by helicopter. The cause of the accident is being investigated.

The accident occurred between 9:00 and 10:00 PM yesterday evening when a jeep and a passenger vehicle travelling in opposite directions crashed into each other. The driver of the passenger vehicle died in the crash and the driver and passenger in the jeep were transported to hospital.

Both vehicles are totalled as a result of the accident, which is being investigated by West Iceland Police.

Eleven people have died in traffic accidents in Iceland this year, six in January alone. That month was the deadliest for traffic accidents since record-keeping began some 50 years ago. Iceland ranks among the safer countries in Europe when it comes to road safety, however, and the accident rate has declined steadily over the last couple of decades due to road improvements and safer cars. The deadliest year of this century was in 2000, when 32 people died in traffic. In comparison, nine people died in traffic collisions in all of 2023.

Mystery of the Langjökull “Polar Bear” Likely Solved


The suspected polar bear tracks on Langjökull glacier, which prompted an investigation by the Icelandic Coast Guard, have been attributed to American mountaineer Jon Kedrowski. Kedrowski, training for a South Pole expedition, had switched to oversized, insulated boots after his rented ski boots caused him discomfort, leading to the misidentification.

Mysterious tracks in the snow

On Monday, the West Iceland Police received a tip regarding possible polar bear tracks on the Langjökull glacier in West Iceland. To investigate, the Icelandic Coast Guard conducted an aerial survey of the glacier yesterday afternoon.

In an interview with Vísir yesterday, Kristján Ingi Kristjánsson, temporarily appointed Chief Constable for the West Iceland Police, stated that the survey was being conducted as a safety precaution, although he doubted that the search would yield any meaningful results.

“Have people gone mad?”

A few hours after the media reported on the Coast Guard’s expedition, Arngrímur Hermannsson, a seasoned guide known for pioneering glacier and winter tours in Iceland, shed possible light on the mysterious tracks: “A polar bear on the Langjökull glacier – have people gone mad?” Arngrímur wrote in a post on Facebook.

Arngrímur went on to explain that ski-mountaineer Jon Kedrowski and explorer Colin O’Brady had visited the Langjökull glacier last week to train for a cross-country ski expedition to the South Pole. “Jon had rented cross-country ski boots that ended up hurting him, so after two days, he packed the boots away and switched to these huge polar boots, like those used in the South Pole for setting up tents.”

Jon is not a small man.

“Jon is 194 cm tall and weighs 83 kg; he wears size 48 shoes. Over the next four days, he trudged around Langjökull in these boots, which are more like giant socks.”

Arngrímur then shared a map of Jon’s tracks, explaining that Jon had now left the country and flown to Colorado with Icelandair. “That’s where you’ll find your ‘Polar Bear’.”

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Body Discovered Near Borgarnes, Investigation Underway

police station Hlemmur

A body was discovered on a beach not far from the town of Borgarnes, in West Iceland, yesterday, Vísir reports. The police will update the media as soon as more information is available.

An investigation underway

Yesterday evening, a passerby reported the discovery of a body to the police. According to the police authorities, the case is under investigation.

“We are looking into this discovery and awaiting results. When more information is available, we will begin by speaking to relatives,” Ásmundur Kristinn Ásmundsson, Assistant Chief of Police in West Iceland told Vísir.

Ásmundur stated that it was necessary to follow all legal procedures and to attain conclusive results regarding the person’s identity. The police will update the media as soon as the results of the investigation are available.