Orange Weather Alerts on Sunday, No “Travel Weather”


A storm is expected to hit most parts of the country on Sunday, RÚV reports. A meteorologist with the Icelandic Met Office advises against travel.

Shelter the livestock, refrain from travel

Earlier this week, the Icelandic Met Office issued yellow weather warnings for most parts of the country on Sunday. Those weather warnings have now been escalated to orange.

Speaking to RÚV, meteorologist Teitur Arason predicted that the weather would go from relatively bad to worse on Sunday:

“The weather will be relatively harmless on Saturday but it will deteriorate considerably on Sunday. A northerly storm will strike the entire country, and there will be significant precipitation in North and East Iceland. Temperatures will also drop, and so it’s likely that the precipitation will be in the form of sleet or snow.”

Teitur added that it was clear that the weather on Sunday would not be conducive to travel and that some roads would be impassable. “Farm animals should also be kept inside.”

When asked where and when to expect the worst weather conditions, Teitur replied that Northeast Iceland on Sunday, where wind and precipitation is expected to be at its most significant.

“So you’re saying that people in the area should stay inside during the storm?”

“Yes, and travelling between towns and regions is inadvisable.”