Yellow Weather Warning Across South Iceland

yellow weather warning Feb 1 2024

Heavy rain and extreme thawing are expected across the Reykjavík capital area, as well as the western, southern, and southwest regions of Iceland tonight. The Icelandic Met Office has issued yellow weather alerts for the regions between 8:00 PM this evening and 6:00 AM tomorrow morning.

Rain and rapidly rising temperatures are expected to cause higher water levels in rivers and streams as well as an increased risk of flooding. Locals are advised to clear grates to prevent flood damage from rain and meltwater. Conditions are also expected to be slippery, due to rainfall on ice and compressed snow. Travellers are encouraged to exercise caution and monitor weather forecasts and road conditions regularly.

Orange Weather Alert Tomorrow Morning Across Iceland

orange weather alert Icelandic met office storm

Travellers across Iceland are asked to stay put tomorrow morning, as gale-force winds and blizzard conditions will hit nearly all regions of the country. The Icelandic Met Office has issued an orange weather alert between 6:00 AM and 1:00 PM tomorrow, with conditions expected to improve in the afternoon.

The storm will arrive from the southwest, hitting the Reykjavík capital area, south, and west of the country early tomorrow morning. It will move eastward across the country, with orange alerts issued for all regions except the Ísafjarðardjúp area, for which a yellow alert has been issued.

The storm will bring winds of 20-28 metres per second with violent wind gusts of over 40 metres per second expected near mountains. The winds make travel extremely dangerous and carry a risk of property damage: residents are encouraged to secure outdoor belongings before the storm hits. Heavy precipitation in the form of sleet or snow is expected across the country, particularly in South, North, and East Iceland and will create blizzard conditions and poor visibility.

Travellers can monitor the forecast on the Icelandic Met Office website and road closures and conditions at

Storms and Poor Driving Conditions Across Iceland Today

The Icelandic Met Office has issued orange and yellow weather alerts across North and West Iceland today as well as the Reykjavík capital area and the Highland. Conditions will be worst in the Westfjords and Northwest Iceland, and both locals and tourists are discouraged from travel in those regions today. Those planning to travel between in West Iceland today should be aware that Route 1 may be closed over Holtavörðuheiði.

Travel discouraged in Westfjords and Northwest

North-westerly and northerly winds will likely reach speeds of 28 metres per second in the Westfjords and Northwest Iceland, bringing blowing snow and sleet affecting visibility. People are encouraged to avoid travel and fasten outdoor furniture and belongings.

Wind speeds in Northeast, North, and West Iceland, as well as the uninhabited Highland, are expected to reach 23 metres per second today. Driving conditions will be poor and locals are encouraged to secure and outdoor furniture or items. Blowing snow is also in the forecast for these regions.

Wind speeds will be slightly less in the Reykjavík capital area, though they may still reach a considerable 18 metres per second with snow showers expected. The Met Office warns that driving conditions may deteriorate quickly.

The stormy conditions are expected to subside by midnight tonight. Locals and travellers are encouraged to monitor weather and road conditions.

Over a Dozen Car Accidents in Reykjavík Capital Area

extreme weather snowstorm

Heavy snowfall slowed down morning traffic in the capital area today, causing a four-car pileup and more than a dozen other minor traffic accidents. No serious injuries have been reported. Snow and gale conditions are expected across South and East Iceland this evening and throughout the day tomorrow.

A yellow weather alert is in effect in the Reykjavík capital area and West Iceland. While weather will improve in both areas early tomorrow morning, the storm will move east across the country throughout Friday, affecting South and East Iceland as well as the Highland. The worst conditions will be in Southwest Iceland tonight, where an orange alert has been issued from 6.00pm this evening until midnight. Blowing snow, limited visibility, and gale or severe gale conditions can be expected in these areas.

Travellers are advised to check road and travel conditions before setting out.

Storm Rages Across Iceland

storm weather iceland

Storms affecting most of the country, particularly Southeast and East Iceland, have damaged property and put travellers in danger. According to the Icelandic Met Office, storm conditions are expected to continue into the evening. Residents and tourists alike are advised against travelling in the affected areas.

Search and rescue called out

Search and rescue teams in Southeast Iceland were called out around 5.00am this morning to assist travellers stuck between Hornafjörður and Djúpivogur. Weather appeared to have broken windows on the vehicle and the travellers did not feel safe either continuing nor turning back.

Search and rescue teams were also called to Höfn and Djúpivogur due to roofs being blown off and other damaged property. A widespread power outage in South Iceland early this morning appears to have been caused by the storm. Power is now back on in the region.

Flights and buses cancelled

Domestic flights to Egilsstaðir and Húsavík have been cancelled today due to the weather, as well as morning flights to Akureyri. Public buses have been cancelled between Vík and Höfn in South Iceland, as well as Akureyri and Egilsstaðir. Buses from Akureyri to Siglufjörður and Húsavík were cancelled this morning, but may operate later today if conditions improve.

Storm continues into evening

Rain and southwest winds at speeds of 23-30m/s are expected in most parts of Iceland today, though conditions will improve somewhat in the afternoon. East Iceland can expect strong gales into the evening, while falling temperatures will bring sleet and snow to the north of the country. Swelling rivers in Southeast Iceland could lead to landslides or slush floods.

Storm Expected to Hit South of Iceland

Snowstorm Iceland

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a warning for the South of Iceland as winds are expected to ramp up around noon today, RÚV reports. Selected roads on the South coast will be closed later today.

All around the country wind is expected to reach about 15 to 23 meters per second (33 to 51 mph), with winds in the South reaching about 20 to 28 meters per second (44 to 62 mph) and gusts reaching well over 40 (88 mph) in the mountains.

Large automobiles and other vehicles that might be vulnerable against strong gusts of wind are especially advised to keep safe, as many roads around Iceland are quite slippery after heavy snowfall and frost in the last weeks.

Furthermore, The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration has announced the closure of selected roads in the South to ensure road safety. The road between Hvolsvöllur and Vík will be closed around noon and is not expected to open until 4:00 AM Wednesday. Additionally, the road between Núpstaðir and Höfn, that lies through Skeiðarársandur and Öræfi is expected to close around 16:00 PM today and remain so until 10:00 AM Wednesday.

Travellers are urged to follow matters closely on The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration’s website and the website of The Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Weather Warning for all of Iceland

Siglufjörður, North Iceland.

Wind speeds are expected to reach 40-50m/s today in North Iceland, the Icelandic Met Office reports. The office has issued a yellow alert for the Westfjords, as well as North and East Iceland. Stormy weather is expected to begin at noon today and last until noon tomorrow.

In the Westfjords, southwest gales are expected near Ísafjörður, Bolungarvík, and Hnífsdalur, as well as on most mountain roads. Wind speeds will be between 15-23 metres per second with gusts reaching 35-40m/s. Similar conditions are expected in Northwest Iceland, with gusts reaching up to 45m/s near mountains. Travellers are advised to show caution.

In the Northeast and East of the country, wind gusts are expected to reach 40-50m/s, particularly near Langanes peninsula, in Jökuldalur, and in Vopnafjörður. The storm will reach its peak in the afternoon or evening today. Travellers are encouraged to check road and weather conditions before setting out.

Temperatures warmer than seasonal

The storm front is not expected to bring snow, and in fact could bring with it unusually high temperatures for January. According to the Met Office’s weather outlook, temperatures in the east could reach 10-15°C (50-59°F) today, and even approach 20°C (68°F) tomorrow.

Stormy Weather Expected Across Iceland

Winter storm in Reykjavík

Northeast gales with snow or blowing snow are expected in North and East Iceland from this afternoon until Friday, the Icelandic Met Office reports.

Strong winds with gusts up to 35 metres (115ft) per second are expected near Skaftafell in Southeast Iceland from this afternoon until Friday. The Reykjavík capital area is expected to stay dry.

Travellers are advised to check weather conditions regularly and avoid travel in extreme weather.