Successful Litter Clean-Up Day Across Iceland

Plokk trash litter garbage cleanup

Around 1,000 people participated in Iceland’s annual litter clean-up day (Stóri Plokkdagurinn) yesterday. Some volunteers in the Reykjavík capital area filled large garbage bags in a matter of 15 minutes. One volunteer says Icelanders are not huge litterbugs and it’s the island’s strong winds that contribute to spreading trash.

Iceland’s Rotary Clubs and the Icelandic Red Cross were some of the organisations that got volunteers together and helped provide equipment for yesterday’s clean up operations. Volunteers picked up all sorts of trash, including large amounts of plastic. Car parts such as windshield wipers and even licence plates were among the litter that was bagged and properly disposed of.

“Icelanders aren’t such big litterbugs,” one volunteer told RÚV. “It’s just our wind that is sometimes a big influencer when it comes to distributing trash.”

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