Special Forces Respond to Knife Incident at Nightclub

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Special forces were twice deployed in the capital region Saturday night: first for a man with a replica gun, and then for a drunk man with a knife at a nightclub, Vísir reports. In a separate incident, a concealed knife was seized at a Mosfellsbær festival.

A busy night for law enforcement

It was a busy night for law enforcement in the capital region on Saturday night extending into early Sunday morning. The National Police Commissioner’s special unit (i.e. special forces) was deployed twice: first in response to a report of a man brandishing a pistol, and then due to another individual allegedly intimidating patrons with a knife outside a nightclub, Vísir reports.

The official police log covering the period from 5 PM Saturday to 5 AM Sunday reveals the series of events. Authorities were first alerted to the presence of a firearm visible through a window of a building in Reykjavík. Police and special forces were dispatched to the location, where they apprehended one individual in relation to the incident. Upon examination, the supposed firearm was determined to be an air gun, albeit an exact replica of a handgun. The matter is currently under investigation.

Subsequently, reports were received about a man appearing threatening and in possession of a knife outside a nightclub. Though the man was not actively using the knife in a threatening manner, he was carrying it. Police and special forces arrived at the scene, arresting the individual who was later found to be inebriated. He was detained and placed in a holding cell pending further investigation.

Knife seized at Mosfellsbær festival

In a separate event in Mosfellsbær, police received reports of a young man at the Í túninu heima festival carrying a concealed knife. Acting on witness descriptions, the police located the individual and discovered a kitchen knife hidden within his clothing. The knife was confiscated, and relevant information was collected at the scene for ongoing investigations.

Special Forces in Hafnarfjörður Due to Possible Shooting

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Update 22.06.22 12:53 PM: RÚV reports that the suspected shooter came out of the apartment building around 12:20 PM and was arrested and taken to the police station. A formal investigation of the incident will now begin. Police will open the cordoned-off area shortly. Affected residents are advised to call the Red Cross helpline at 1717 if they require support.

Update 22.06.22 10:00 AM: RÚV reports that the incident involves a gun being shot at a car outside an apartment building on Miðvöllur street, behind the Nettó store. The police believe the shooter is in their apartment in the building and police are on the phone with him. The area is considered unsafe and has been cordoned off by police, who are ensuring that no one enters the area.

Special police forces are on the scene in Hafnarfjörður in the Reykjavík capital area due to a suspected shooting, RÚV reports. Víðivellir preschool has been closed and parents have been notified that the children who have arrived at the school are safe. According to RÚV’s sources, the response is due to a possible shooting near the preschool.

Superintendent of Hafnarfjörður Police Skúli Jónsson confirmed that special forces had been called out but declined to provide further information on the incident at this time.

All access routes to and from the school have been closed.

This news story will be updated.

Six Taken to Hospital Following Reykjavík School Attack


No serious injuries resulted from an attack at Borgarholtsskóli junior college in Reykjavík earlier this afternoon, RÚV reports. Six people were, however, taken to hospital due to minor injuries. The school principal says the community is in shock following the incident.

“There was a fight in the toilets and someone got a bloody face or something. Then some guys showed up with a baseball bat, knife, and wrench and just started attacking the guy,” described Heiðar Már Hildarson, a student at the school. The three attackers are young men and do not belong to the school community, according to Borgarholtsskóli Principal Ársæll Guðmundsson.

The Icelandic Special Forces were sent to the school in response to the attack. Hallways were evacuated and students kept in classrooms while police and officials secured the premises. Afternoon classes were subsequently cancelled and students sent home.

Ársæll described the incident as not only an attack on Borgarholtsskóli, but an attack on the democratic tradition of attending school. It is gravely serious that an incident like this can occur as we take for granted that schools are a safe place for all, he explained. “This is simply an attack on our society as a whole.”

The school’s normal schedule will resume tomorrow, according to Ársæll, and the students and staff will have a chance to process the events together and be offered trauma counselling.

Iceland Review will continue to report on the incident as more information becomes available.

Special Forces to be Present at Westman Islands Festival

Two officers from Iceland’s special forces unit will be present at the Þjóðhátíð Festival in the Westman Islands this weekend, RÚV reports. This was confirmed by police commissioner Haraldur Johannessen in a written response to questions submitted to him by the press.

Þjóðhátíð is the largest festival taking place over Merchant’s Weekend. It’s estimated that 15,000 people will be present at the height of festivities. The festival has come under scrutiny in recent years over the number of sexual assaults that were reported as taking place there, and received criticism over how local law enforcement has responded to these incidents.

The police chief in the Westman Islands specifically requested that members of special forces attend the festival this year, but officers from this unit will not be present at any other celebrations or festivals taking place over the coming Merchant’s Weekend holiday. Two members of special forces were also present at last year’s Þjóðhátíð Festival, for the first time in three years.