Mother Gives Birth In Ambulance En Route to Hospital

An expectant mother had an unexpectedly eventful ambulance ride to the hospital on Friday night, giving birth to her child on her way to the hospital, RÚV reports. The ambulance was transporting [...]

Best Practices for Saving Beached Whales

Two separate pods of pilot whales have gotten beached on Icelandic shores this summer, RÚV reports, leading experts to apprise locals of how best they can respond to such situations. Marine [...]

More Than 100 Lightning Strikes Recorded During Thunderstorm

More than 100 lightning strikes were recorded in Southwest Iceland Wednesday night, RÚV reports. They were accompanied by thunderstorms around the village of Þorlákshöfn. Both thunder and [...]

Refugee Resettlement Cheaper Than Expected

An official review of refugee reception in the town of Mosfellsbær, just outside of Reykjavík, has revealed that the resettlement of fourteen LGBTQ+ refugees from Uganda in 2018 was cheaper than [...]

19 Tons of Garbage Collected From Beaches

Just over nineteen tons of garbage were collected from Icelandic beaches in the last two weeks, as part of the Nordic Coastal Clean-Up Day. It is believed that around 80% of the garbage comes [...]

Iceland Takes Part in Nordic Beach Cleaning Day

Residents of several municipalities in Iceland took part in the Nordic Beach Cleaning Day on Saturday. RÚV reports that the initiative, overseen by the Environment Agency of Iceland, focused on [...]

Emissions Will Increase by 10% if Silicon Plant Reopens

Iceland’s greenhouse gas emissions will increase by over 10% if the silicon plant in Helguvík resumes its operations, RÚV reports. This data was provided by the Environment Agency of Iceland in [...]

As Many as 700 Jobs Lost in Reykjanesbær Following WOW air Closure

Six to seven hundred residents in the Reykjanesbær municipality in Southwestern Iceland could lose their jobs as a result of WOW air ceasing service, RÚV reports. Reykjanesbær includes the town [...]

Thunder and Lightning in Reykjavík

Thunder and lightning accompanied a rainstorm in the capital area and in the Southwest region of Iceland last night around 7 pm. RÚV reports that there was a 250 m squall line, or narrow band of [...]

Wind and Wave Warning This Weekend

A low-pressure area off the southwest coast of Iceland will bring gale-force winds in that region and will likely trigger waves of up to 13 m [43 ft], Vísir reports. These waves will not merely [...]

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