Toddler Santas Spark Joy

A news report on toddlers in santa outfits sparked joy on social media

During last nights broadcast evening news, RÚV reported on a childcare worker in Akranes who dresses herself and her wards up in Santa costumes before their walks around town. Icelanders expressed much joy over the report and accompanying video clips on social media.

Magný Guðmunda Þórarinsdóttir is a childcare worker in Akranes in west Iceland. For the past 18 years, she’s dressed the toddlers in her care in Santa outfits during December. She has a costume for herself as well, and during her walks with the children, the group turns heads. According to her, the children love the event as much as Akranes residents love to see them, and they line up to receive their outfits when it’s time for a walk. They go out most days, “to get a little jolt of Christmas”.

After the report aired, several Icelanders took to social media claiming that the adorable clip of Santa toddlers was exactly what they needed during this difficult time. A local poet and rapper stated: “There were a few small children on the news, wandering around aimlessly as they are wont to do, with big red cheeks, wearing Santa outfits, and now I’m pregnant.” He was not the only one, with another local stating that he couldn’t explain it but after watching the news, his ovaries were jingling. One also noted that the only thing cuter than the report itself was beloved news anchor Bogi Ágústsson’s smile after the report ended.