Former Icelandic President’s Dog Successfully Cloned

A clone of former Icelandic President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson’s dog Sámur has been born and is doing well, RÚV reports. Last fall, Former First Lady Dorrit Moussaieff announced her intention to clone Sámur, the couple’s dog whose presence became a constant at the Icelandic presidential residence Bessastaðir during Ólafur Rangar’s term. The newborn pup has been named Samson.

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson and Sámur at Bessastaðir.

Sámur passed away earlier this year, but not before Ólafur Ragnar and Dorrit had sent samples from their beloved furry friend to ViaGen Pets, a company in Texas which specialises in cloning cats and dogs. Ólafur and Dorrit both announced the birth of a healthy pup on social media yesterday.

In an interview last October, Ólafur Ragnar discussed the possibility of cloning Sámur more than once. “You can arrange with the company to store the sample for years for a relatively small fee. I’ve told my grandchildren that when they’ve established a home and had their own children, they can order their own Sámur from Texas.”