Decreasing Student Numbers Present Operational Challenges

Many rural schools across Iceland have significantly fewer students than just a couple of decades ago, RÚV reports. Shrinking class sizes are proving a challenge when it comes to providing a [...]

Calls for Stricter Regulations On Foreign Land Ownership

An increased number of wealthy foreign entities making large purchases of rural land in Iceland has prompted significant bipartisan concern, Kjarninn reports. Iceland’s Minister of Transport and [...]

Fragile Hope

Borgarfjörður eystri’s impending fate seemed rather certain; as globalisation increases, so too does the movement of people from rural areas to urban centres. Such has been the case in a number [...]

Hrísey Optimistic About Development Initiative

Inhabitants of the island of Hrísey are more optimistic about the ongoing ‘Fragile Communities’ initiative in which their community is participating, RÚV reports. The regional development project [...]

Fishing for Power: How changes within the fishing industry are prompting new strategies for rural development

Driving through Skagaströnd, it’s not difficult to get the feeling that you’re driving through some kind of wilderness – a beautiful one – but a wilderness all the same. An empty parking lot sits [...]

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