Public Pools in Capital Area Set to Reopen at 3 PM

Laugardalslaug geothermal swimming pool in Reykjavík

Following closures yesterday, public pools in the capital area are expected to open again at 3 PM today.

A prolonged cold spell leads to hot-water supply cuts

Owing to a prolonged cold spell, the utility company Veitur decided yesterday to cut its supply of hot water to some of its largest users, among them, the public swimming pools in the capital area. All of the pools throughout the capital region were subsequently closed.

In a news bulletin published yesterday, the City of Reykjavík noted that most of the pools will reopen at 3 PM today. Vesturbæjarlaug, in West Reykjavík, began reheating its hot tubs and pools at noon and hopes that temperatures will be just right at 3 PM. Laugardalslaug will also open at 3 PM. The beach in Nauthólsvík opened again at noon while Árbæjarlaug in East Reykjavík will open at 9 AM tomorrow.

Iceland Review recommends calling public pools in advance to make sure that your pool of choice is open.

On its website, Veitur noted that – due to the heavy use of hot water – residents in some areas of the capital region may experience a drop in pressure. “We encourage people to take good care of the heat, check the seals on windows and doors, make sure the heating system is working properly and don’t leave the hot tub running on the coldest days,” a post on Veitur’s website reads.