Foreign Fisherman Electrocuted by Eystri-Rangá River

fishing rangá

South Iceland’s police report that yeterday, September 6, a foreign fisherman was electrocuted while fishing in the Eystri-Rangá river. The fisherman was taken to Hvolsvöllur for medical care, and has since been transferred to Reykjavík.

The man, reported to be in his 60’s, survived the incident with severe burns, but further details regarding his condition are not known at this time.

The original police report can be seen below in a public Facebook post from the South Iceland police.

The cause of the incident is attributed to longer-than average fishing gear, which is said to have hit a power line.

The fisherman is said to be experienced, but was using a style of telescoping pole that can reach 8-10m in length. This style of rod is uncommon in Iceland, but relatively popular in Spain. As of this time, the origin of the fisherman is unclear.

Such incidents are nearly-unheard of in Iceland. Nevertheless. RÚV reports that the power lines in questions may be buried next year to avoid such an incident.