Reykjavík’s Ninth Annual SlutWalk

Reykjavík’s ninth annual Drusluganga, or SlutWalk, will take place on Saturday, reports. The main goal of the march, is to “create a platform for solidarity with survivors of sexual [...]

Hatari Pro-Palestine Protest to be Cut from Eurovision DVD

Icelandic band Hatari’s pro-Palestine protest during the 2019 Eurovision finals will be cut out of the official DVD of the event, RÚV reports. The news agency has not yet been able to confirm if [...]

We All Protest!

At the heart of downtown Reykjavík lies the small, sheltered Austurvöllur square, criss-crossed by walking paths and lined with lilac trees. In the middle of the square, facing the unassuming [...]

‘This untouched nature needs to be spared’

Thirty landowners from the municipality of Árneshreppur have issued a joint statement protesting three planned hydropower plants which are to be located in the remote Strandir [...]

Proposed Child Deportations Protested

A large crowd gathered yesterday to protest the deportation of children from Iceland. Authorities are currently handling two different deportation cases of Afghan families, including children. In [...]

‘Harsh Police Response’ to Refugee Protests Under Review

The actions taken by police against protestors in Austurvöllur square on March 11th were discussed at an open meeting of Alþingi’s Judicial Affairs and Education Committee on Thursday, RÚV [...]

Protesters Arrested in Front of Parliament

Three individuals were arrested yesterday while protesting in front of the entrance of the Icelandic parliament. The group, which included Icelandic nationals as well as asylum seekers, had [...]

Refugees Call Off Ongoing Protest

An ongoing refugee-organised protest in Austurvöllur, facing Iceland’s parliament, has been called off. A post on the group’s Facebook page states that staying in the square has affected the [...]

Asylum Seekers Spent the Night in Parliament Square

Asylum seekers continue to protest in Austurvöllur square outside the Icelandic parliament, Stundin reports. Several spent the night in the square on Tuesday, doing their best to stay warm in [...]

Protesting Asylum Seekers Invited to Meet with Government

Asylum seekers who have been protesting in Reykjavík in recent weeks have been invited to meet with representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office, Vísir reports. The meeting, scheduled today at [...]

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