Trial in Ólafsfjörður Murder Case Scheduled for Next Week

Metropolitan Police

A man accused of homicide in Ólafsfjörður last year is said to have stabbed the deceased twice in the left side, resulting in fatal bleeding, RÚV reports. The case is scheduled for trial next week.

Stabbed the man twice

A man in his thirties has been charged with the murder of a man in Ólafsfjörður in North Iceland last year. The defendant reportedly stabbed the victim twice in the left side, causing him to bleed to death, RÚV reports.

The prosecutor is seeking for the accused, 37, to be sentenced and to cover all legal costs. Additionally, there are two separate civil claims against him: one demanding compensation totalling ISK 12 million [$88,000 / €83,000] plus interest, and the other seeking damages amounting to just under ISK 11 million [$81,000 / €76,000] plus interest, due to the loss of the provider. The deceased was 46 years old.

Unable to rule out self defence

The man died from stab wounds in his home in Ólafsfjörður on the eve of Monday, October 3, Last Year. Originally, three individuals were detained in custody, but two were soon released: the wife of the deceased and the homeowner. The accused claimed that the deceased initiated the confrontation, and the evidence in the case supported this, according to the custody order.

In the police incident report, it is noted that the deceased is believed to have attacked the accused with a knife. According to the defendant, he tried to wrestle the knife away from the deceased, who then fell onto the knife and was fatally wounded. Among other details, the custody decision highlighted that it could not be ruled out that provisions of the Penal Code on self-defence were applicable. Nevertheless, the accused’s detention was extended, in part due to suspicions of his involvement in other crimes.

He was released from prison in March 2022 on parole, with an unplanned remaining sentence of 220 days. According to the detention order, he had at least six encounters with the police since then.

The accused was held in custody for just over a month, until November 7. He is the only one being prosecuted in the case, which is set for trial in the District Court of Northeast Iceland on Tuesday, September 26.

Two Women, One Man in Custody Following Ólafsfjörður Homicide

Fjallabyggð Ólafsfjörður

A judge in North Iceland has approved of week-long custody over three individuals suspected of homicide in Ólafsfjörður Monday, RÚV reports. Four suspects were initially arrested, one of whom has been released.

Police have a rather “clear picture” of events

The police arrested four individuals after a man was found dead in Ólafsfjörður in North Iceland. Responding to a call at 2:34 AM on Monday, the Akureyri police discovered a man in his forties who had been stabbed with a sharp object at a private residence. Following unsuccessful attempts at resuscitation, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ólafsfjörður residents were subsequently invited to the town’s church to light candles and to receive succour from a Red Cross emergency response team. The website of the Fjallabyggð municipality stated that the community was in shock: “In a little community as ours it is near impossible not to be affected when events such as these occur; it’s important to take good care of oneself and one’s closest kin.”

Last night, RÚV reported that one of the four suspects had been released and that a judge at the District Court of Northeast Iceland had approved the police authority’s request for week-long custody over the other three individuals. According to Detective Superintendent Arnfríður Gígja Arngrímsdóttir, the police have a “rather clear picture” of the event, although the investigation is in its initial stages.

Four in Custody After Suspected Homicide in Ólafsfjörður

Icelandic police

North-East Iceland’s police report that four are in custody after a man was found dead in Ólafsfjörður in North Iceland last night, October 2.

Akureyri police responded to a call at 2:34 AM last night. In the police report, it is stated that the man was stabbed with a sharp object.

The deceased was not the resident of the house he was found in, and the initial police report states that he was a visitor.

First responders are reported to have tried to resuscitate the man, but were unsuccessful. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Police in North Iceland are investigating the case, assisted by the technical lab of the capital area police force.

According to RÚV, the deceased and one of the suspects had a long-standing dispute that had escalated into physical threats earlier this year.

The police report states that the investigation is in its initial stages and that no further information is available at this time.