Icelandic Caviar to Hit Markets in Two Months

icelandic caviar

Icelandic caviar will be making its first entry into the market in two months.

The caviar, produced by the Ólafsfjörður-based Northern Sturgeon Company, will be the first of its kind produced in Iceland. Sturgeon caviar is, of course, well-known as a luxury food.

Roe and milt were extracted from sturgeons that were in captivity in Ólafsfjörður and were harvested at the end of last month.

Eyþór Eyjólfsson, chairperson of the Northern Sturgeon Company, stated to Morgunblaðið that he is pleased with how the extraction of roe from the sturgeon went and with the results of the work: “It’s exhausting, but satisfying work. If you’re interested in fish farming, then this is part of one’s life.”

Part of the roe was taken to enlarge the stock. The other part of the roe is being processed into caviar under license by a German firm. The caviar is scheduled to be ready for consumption and sale in early June.

Eyþór stated to Morgunblaðið that he’s confident the new Icelandic caviar will find a market, given how sought-after and valuable a commodity sturgeon caviar has become. Many buyers, both domestic and international, have already been in contact. Promising international markets currently include the United States and the United Kingdom.