Prime Minister Discusses Climate Change with British Leaders

Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir is on a state visit to the UK and has been meeting with British leaders over the last week. Vísir reports that climate change has been a focal point of all of these meetings. Katrín met with First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday, Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn yesterday, and British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday.

“We also discussed gender equality issues and not least, human rights issues,” said Katrín of her meeting with Theresa May. “She herself has been very involved in these matters and been on the forefront of these struggles [in the UK].” Katrín said that they also discussed “…the issues that’s always discussed, that is, Brexit and then, of course, Iceland and the UK’s relationship in relation to that.”

Although the issue of conducting electric energy to Britain via undersea cable has been a topic of heated debate in Iceland, Katrín said that this was not something that she and Theresa May discussed in any detail during their meeting. “I informed her, of course, about the debate that is taking place in Iceland about the importance of what I think the majority of Icelanders are now in agreement about: that it is really important to ensure our control over our energy resources. That is the common property of the nation and that it is important that this guide our actions in this.”

Katrín stressed the importance of cooperation and open communication about issues that have global repercussions. “If we take climate issues as an example,” she said, “they won’t be solved except through the cooperation of nations…It’s important that the nations of the world work together on this.”