Police Oversees Partial Entry of Additional Grindavík Residents

Traffic into Grindavík following mandatory evacuations

The Chief of Police in Suðurnes has authorised restricted access for residents and businesses to a specific part of Grindavík. This controlled access, meant for essential visits only, does not imply that the area is open for general traffic.

Area remains closed for general traffic

Approximately 900 earthquakes have been recorded in Reykjanes since midnight today, November 13. According to the Icelandic MET Office, the seismic activity is concentrated in the southern part of the fissure between Sundhnúkur and Grindavík at depths of 2-5 kilometers. The situation near Grindavík remains largely unchanged from yesterday; seismic activity decreased since late Friday and early Saturday.

In light of this, the Chief of Police in Suðurnes has again granted limited access to a designated area in Grindavík for residents and businesses today. This area is specified as being east of Víkurbraut and north of Austurvegur, extending up to Ægisgata.

Residents from these neighbourhoods have been directed to a meeting point along Suðurstrandarvegur, where they are currently registering and receiving further instructions for entry. At this moment, vehicles from the response team are prepared to transport individuals into Grindavík.

As noted by the police, this is a carefully managed operation that is not to be taken lightly. The authorisation for access does not imply the area is open for general traffic. Residents of Grindavík permitted into specified neighbourhoods should follow these guidelines:

  • Only go if absolutely necessary.
  • Each household is allowed only one person to enter the area.
  • Prepare a list of items you intend to retrieve before leaving.
  • Remember to bring your house key.
  • Have a pet carrier ready if needed.
  • Bring a bag or container for items.
  • Time inside the home will be limited.
  • Those entering should not have severe allergies to animals, as pets may be brought back.
  • This access is solely for retrieving very important items such as pets, essential medications, possibly passports, or other indispensable household items.
  • Residents may drive vehicles left behind during evacuation out of the area, but only in the company of response personnel.

As noted by IR yesterday, Grindavík suffered significant earthquake damage over the weekend, impacting homes and infrastructure. The Head of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management told reporters yesterday that the ongoing uncertainty regarding a possible eruption means that it is unlikely that Grindavík residents will be able to return to their homes in the near future.

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