Glacial Outburst Flood Expected This Month

The Met Office continues to monitor Múlakvísl river closely, as a glacial outburst flood is expected in the river this month, RÚV reports. Conductivity is high in the South Iceland river, [...]

No Signs Yet of Imminent Múlakvísl Glacial Outburst Flood

So far, there have been no clear signs of the Múlakvísl jökulhlaup, or glacial outburst flood, which is expected to happen in the coming days or weeks. A GPS monitor has been put up in one of the [...]

Glacial Outburst Flood in Múlakvísl Expected

Measurements from Mýrdalsjökull glacier indicate that a glacial outburst flood could occur in Múlakvísl river in the next days or weeks. A relatively large flood is expected, the largest in the [...]

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