Farmer Grows 95 Types of Tulips In Mosfellsdalur

Tulips in Iceland, Wikimedia Commons

Horticultural farmer Gísli Jóhannsson grows 95 different types of tulips in his nursery in Dalsgarður in Mosfellsdalur, Vísir reports.

Tulips in Iceland have become a popular choice for people to decorate their homes in the last few years, despite the fact that local tulips can be quite pricy. A bundle of tulips at a local supermarket can cost as much as ISK 2,500 (€17 / $18).

Iceland’s Biggest Tulip Nursery

In his nursery in Mosfellsdalur, near Mosfellsbær, Gísli and his staff grow a wide variety of flowers throughout the entire year. The team cultivates tulips, roses, summer flowers, and strawberries. Dalsgarður’s tulips are favoured among many people due to their wide range of types and colours.

Recently, for the first day of summer, Gísli displayed his famous tulips at the Horticultural School in Ölfus. He also makes sure to plan ahead for special occasions. For the upcoming Mother’s Day on May 12, the team is currently quite busy harvesting and bundling tulips.

Millions of flowers

“I want red tulips for Christmas, yellow ones for Easter and something pink for Women’s Day in February,” Gísli explains his choice of tulip colour scheme.

Dalsgarður is one of three to four tulip producers in Iceland. According to Gísli, Dalsgarður is the biggest tulip nursery in the country, and he expects up to 3 million flowers to come from his gardens in the near future.

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