April Fool’s: Reports of “Troika” Statue Greatly Exaggerated


Mark Twain said it best.

“The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.”

In celebration of our enduring idiocy, Icelandic media outlets have reported on – and, in some cases, authored – not a few April Fool’s day pranks.

Here are the highlights.

Statue of “the troika” to be unveiled

At 08:00 AM this morning, the media outlet Vísir published an article under the headline, “Live Broadcast: Unveiling of ‘the Troika’ Statue.”

Beginning at 10:00 AM this morning – when the unveiling was set to commence, according to the article – the outlet featured a live feed of a black cloth draped over a presumed statue on the premises of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management in Reykjavík.

But who knows what that black cloth was concealing.

The live feed was eventually replaced with a video message from Víðir Reynisson, Director of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, who earnestly thanked citizens for their collaboration during the time of the pandemic.

Enter the horses …

In what would have been excellent news,  Mbl.is reported this morning that Aha.is was announcing “a revolution” in the field of fast-food delivery.

The article explained that after the company’s drone-delivery service was named “initiative of the year” in 2021 by Business Iceland (SA), Aha.is had decided to add to its fleet of environmentally-friendly conveyances.


“We have added five thoroughbreds, and we aim to add more horses to our fleet as the summer draws near,” Helgi Már Þórðarson, one of the company’s owners, stated in the interview.

We’re not sure that he was serious.

Zuckerberg arrives in Iceland

Hoping to capitalise on the success of a recent Zuckerberg joke (he was lampooned by Inspired by Iceland not long ago), the Icelandic ad agency Sahara shared a FB post this morning announcing that Zuck (Zucc) had arrived in Iceland.

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has arrived to the country and will be hosting an open meeting at the offices of Sahara between 12:00 – 13:00 today. Everyone’s welcome, space allowing.”

It is uncertain whether anyone attended.

Múlaþing municipality apologises

While most April Fool’s Day pranks were well received, the employees of the offices of the Múlaþing municipality took to Facebook to post an apology.

Earlier today, they had announced that the municipality would soon “break ground” on the Garðarsvöllur sports ground (ideas have been floated regarding the construction of an apartment building on the lot).

“The undersigned composed the prank in good faith, and we are sorry if we hurt/offended residents,” the employees wrote.

“That was not our intention.”

That’s it. That’s the joke.

On a lighter note, attorney Konráð Jónsson posted an image of his bathtub on Facebook under the heading:

“Our firstborn (8 years old) poured all of our toiletries in the bathtub. That’s it. That’s the joke.”

Lastly, 7,453 businesses posted online ads of their special first-of-April discount under the shockingly original headline, “This is not an April Fool’s Day prank!”

Icelandverse Skewers Zuckerberg, Welcomes Visitors to Its ‘Immersive, Open-World Experience’

Icelandverse - Facebook - Zuckerberg

A new tourism ad from Inspired by Iceland skewers Mark Zuckerberg and his Metaverse, Vísir reports. The ad has already caught the attention of news outlets all over the world and has even been seen by the man himself, who seems to appreciate the joke.

In the ad, actor Jörundur Ragnarsson plays Zack Mosbergsson, a Zuckerberg lookalike with a Ceasar haircut and black shirt and pants, who wants to introduce a “revolutionary approach to connect our world…without being super weird.” This Icelandverse, he continues, is “enhanced, actual reality without silly-looking headsets.”

“In our open-world experience, everything is real,” says Zack, before walking into a glass door. “It’s completely immersive, with water that’s wet,” he pauses, dipping his hands into a pool at the Blue Lagoon. “With humans to connect with.”

Director of Marketing Sveinn Birkir Björnsson says the ad was meant “to show that it’s possible to experience amazing things even though you’re not in any sort of virtual reality. Amazing things exist in reality.”

Mark Zuckerberg saw the video less than a day after it went live, and left a comment on the video saying, “Amazing. I need to make a trip to the Icelandverse soon. Glad you’re wearing sunscreen too 🤣”

Inspired by Iceland was quick to respond: “Oh, hi Mark! You’re always welcome. Icelandverse is open 24/7!”