Project Aims to Develop Sexless Farmed Salmon

The Marine and Freshwater Institute is attempting to breed a new kind of farmed salmon, that is, one without any sex. RÚV reports that the idea behind this is to prevent farmed salmon from [...]

Report on Economic Impact of Whaling Incites Criticism

A recent report on the economic impact of whaling has incited criticism and accusations of bias, RÚV reports. A primary point of contention is that the report characterises nature conservation [...]

Whales a Huge Part of Iceland’s Marine Ecosystem, Say Researchers

Whales in Icelandic waters eat roughly six million tons of fish and other food sources a year and therefore play a large role in the marine ecosystem, both as a whole and in Iceland in [...]

Drastic Cutbacks for Marine Research Institute

The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute has had to lay off up to 30 employees as well as permanently mooring a marine research vessel due to government cutbacks.

Herring Infection Worsens

A considerable number of the herring catch that’s been landed in recent days has been found to be infected, RÚV reports. As such, almost all of it will be incinerated. The infection has plagued [...]

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