Much of Downtown Reykjavík Without Hot Water During Scheduled Maintenance

veitur maintenance water

According to a bulletin posted on Veitur’s website, Iceland’s national utility company, much of central Reykjavík was without hot water last night and will continue to be so through the morning.

Repair work began at 9:00PM last night, and is expected to continue until at least 9:00AM today.

Areas affected include downtown Reykjavík west of Kringlumyrarbraut to Grandi and parts of Vesturbær.

A map of the affected area can be accessed here at Veitur’s website.

Residents are advised to turn off hot water taps during the scheduled maintenance in order to prevent damage when the hot water returns. Those affected are also advised to take steps to conserve heat during the temporary outage, such as keeping windows and doors shut.