Avalanche Leaves Segment of Ring Road Impassable

Segment of Ring Road is impassable

A 500-metre wide avalanche has fallen onto the road in Ljósavatnsskarð near lake Ljósavatn in North Iceland, Mbl reports. The road forms a part of the Ring Road, which runs around the island and connects most of the inhabited parts of the country.

A motorist passing through Ljósavatnsskarð from the east drove into a 500-metre wide avalanche that fell near lake Ljósavatn in North Iceland. The accident occurred just before 9 pm yesterday. The motorist, who was not injured, received assistance from a local rescue unit.

According to a representative from the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, all roads lying east from Akureyri are currently impassable and so is the route through Öxnadalsheiði to the west of Akureyri. Roads may open again today.

The Police in Northeast Iceland warns that as a lot of snow fell yesterday, there is still a risk of avalanches in the area. Travellers are encouraged to check road conditions – on safetravel.is, for example – before heading out. A yellow weather alert is in effect for large parts of Iceland.

[/media-credit] Safetravel.is