How Do I Dress My Toddler for the Icelandic Winter?

Toddlers in Iceland in Winter

Winter in Iceland began on October 26. While the Icelandic winter is relatively mild, owing to the Gulf Stream, freezing temperatures are not uncommon. This Friday in Reykjavík, for example, the Icelandic Met Office predicts that temperatures will dip well below zero degrees Celsius. On such days, layers of warm clothing are imperative.

In Iceland, dressing a toddler for the winter typically involves layers:

1. A merino wool onesie with merino wool pants.
2. A long-sleeved shirt and pants.
3. A warm ski jacket or snowsuit.

This wintry ensemble is then complemented with wool socks (preferably 70% or higher) and sturdy shoes that offer plenty of traction; mittens and a scarf; and a warm woollen cap. You will, perhaps, notice that wool is essential. For good reason. As noted on the website Iceland with Kids, wool is warm, breathable, stays warm when wet, and doesn’t absorb odours.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the streets in Reykjavík can be quite slippery. In late November, over two dozen residents visited the emergency room on account of icy conditions. Crampons may not be a bad idea for young children. If you plan on hiking in the countryside we recommend visiting for updates on road conditions, weather warnings, and more.

There are plenty of warm winter clothes and accessories available in the city: 66 Norður and Ellingsen, for example.