To Thrive in Chaos: A Conversation with Joanna Pawlowska

Iceland’s art scene is vast, diverse, and thriving. One such artist is Joanna Pawlowska who, apart from their provocative and intriguing installation pieces, also curates the Hamraborg Art Festival. This festival not only strives to provide a platform for Iceland’s more marginalised artists, but also to bring art directly to the general public.

In this episode of Deep North, we sit down with Joanna Pawlowska to talk about art, queerness, horses, and the Hamraborg Art Festival.

You can read a full-length article about the artist here.

To Thrive in Chaos

Entering Gallerí Kannski for the Brokat Films exhibition Horseplay, the very first thing that greets you is the smell of fresh hay. Round the corner to the exhibition space itself, and you immediately see why: the entire space, about the size of a modest living room, is covered in it.Next, it’s the music. A pounding, […]

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