World’s Biggest Ants Coming to Reykjavík Zoo

“These are the largest ants found in nature,” said Þorkell Heiðarsson, department head at the Reykjavík Zoo and Family Park, about the giant ants on their way to Reykjavík’s little zoo from their [...]

Has the painted lady butterfly been seen in Iceland?

About 100 species of moths and butterflies have been spotted in Iceland over the years.

Sand Flies Accost Icelanders

Sand flies, also known as biting midge, have been accosting Icelanders earlier this spring than in past years, RÚV reports. The bugs are known to prey on humans and animals while they’re asleep, [...]

Snakes and Spiders in Iceland

Q: How bad are the midges/mosquitoes/flies in late August? And does Iceland have big snakes and even bigger spiders? Barbara, United States — A: Iceland is actually one of the only places [...]

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