58% of Icelandic Children Internet Users Before Age of Two

58% percent of Icelandic children have begun to use the internet before the age of two, a report from an Icelandic professor reveals. The ratio was 2% only six years ago. There are clues that the [...]

Tongue Twister: Why many foreigners struggle to learn Icelandic – and why Icelanders should care

Ah, the Icelandic language. It’s the ancient tongue of Vikings, filled with beautiful yet frightening words like ferðaáætlun (how many different a’s can there be?), þátttakandi (three t’s in a [...]

What are the closest languages to Icelandic?

Q: Icelandic is an old language, what are the closest languages to Icelandic? Can people from other Nordic nations understand Icelandic? Sasha, Uelen, Russia. A: Icelandic is a Nordic language, a [...]

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