Flooding Across Iceland

flood south iceland

Rain and warm temperatures have caused flooding across Iceland, RÚV reports. Farms in Árnessýsla, South Iceland, as well as in parts of North Iceland are surrounded by water. Flooding has also damaged a portion of the Ring Road in South Iceland and nearby regional roads. Water levels seem to be on the way down after reaching a peak last night.

Auðsholt farm in South Iceland became surrounded by water yesterday when the river Litla Laxá got clogged with slush. Resident Ásdís Bjarnadóttir says the only way of reaching the farm now is by jeep. “It was at its worst around dinnertime yesterday, there was the most flooding then. My daughters work in tourism and they had to pick up guests with a tractor yesterday evening.”

Ring Road very damaged in South Iceland

Route 1 in South Iceland and neighbouring roads have sustained significant damage due to the flooding. Ágúst Freyr Bjarmarsson, head supervisor at the Road and Coastal Administration, says most of the damage lies between Vík and Hvolsvöllur. “While the runoff is sinking into the soil and there’s ice underneath, mud comes between them and holes are formed in the surface coating. There are dozens of holes and they can become deep. This can cause severe damage, blow tires or damage rims.” Ágúst says that Route 221 to Sólheimajökull glacier is also damaged, though repairs are underway and it should reopen again this afternoon. No road damage is reported from other parts of the country.

South Iceland Police shared a few pictures of flooding in the region, which can be seen below.


Ice Blockage in Hvítá River

river water

An ice blockage in Hvítá river, Southwest Iceland, is being closely monitored, RÚV reports. There has been significant rainfall in the area, which could lead to elevated water levels rising even higher, as well as the possibility of flooding once the blockage breaks. South Iceland Police were monitoring the area yesterday and are expected to return today.

A blockage in the same spot caused flooding and damage to summer homes in the area two years ago. Flooding is a particular danger if the weather warms quickly, as that could cause a sudden break in the blockage and increased conductivity and higher water levels in the river.

Experts will continue to monitor the area over the coming days.