Humpback Whales Sighted Close to Shore in North Iceland

A pair of humpback whales was sighted close to shore in North Iceland, Vísir reports.

The whales were captured in a drone video taken by Dalvík resident Jóhann Már Kristinsson, who was on his way to work when a friend, who happens to own a whale watching company, called and urged him to join an outgoing tour as whales had been spotted in the area.

“Straight to the point. A humpback whale really putting his all into catching its lunch,” wrote Jóhann on Twitter. “Right offshore btw I was on dry land when I took this,” he continued. “WILD! Then swam off with its cousin. Satisfied and happy.”

Jóhann wasn’t able to make it onto the whale watching boat, but found a vantage point near Múlagöng, the tunnel that connects Dalvík and Ölafsfjörður, from which he was able to take his drone video.

Whale of a Watching Season in North Iceland

This summer has been particularly good for whale watching in North Iceland, Vísir reports. According to one representative, Freyr Antonsson of Arctic Adventures in the North Iceland village of Dalvík, his company made 180 whale watching trips in July and saw a whale on all but four of them.

“We’ve had to sail a bit further out than where their food supply is, but there’s nothing unusual about that,” he remarked. “Yesterday, I went on three trips. In the morning, I saw one humpback, in the middle of the day, I saw five, and then one in the later part of the day. All in the same spot.”

There have been reports that few whales have been sighted of late in Eyjafjörður, the fjord on which the town of Akureyri is located. According to Freyr and others in the whale watching industry, however, that problem hasn’t extended beyond the fjord.