Turf and Rescue

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Austur-Meðalholt Hannes Lárusson grew up in a cluster of turf houses on the farmstead Austur-Meðalholt in Southwest Iceland.His ancestors moved there around 1850. The houses they constructed were made with the remnants of the land’s pre-existing houses, which slouched near the marshes when they arrived. The history of the farmstead stretches nearly as far back […]

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Wear a Costume, Get Free Entrance to Heritage Museum on June 17

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Residents and tourists alike will be able to get free entrance to the Árbær Open Air Heritage Museum on June 17, Iceland’s National Day, if they wear a traditional costume.

“Traditional costumes and national dances will be featured on this festive day, and guests are encouraged to come in their own national costumes,” reads a recent statement from the popular museum.

árbær open air museum
Roman Gerasymenko

Notably, the free entrance will be available to all national costumes from throughout the world, so visitors are free to don their lederhosen, dirndls, and anything else!

Other events will include the crowning of the Mountain Woman (Fjallkona), lessons in folk dance, and bread baking demonstrations.

Celebrations for June 17 will last from 13:00 to 16:00.

Visit the Árbær Open Air Museum’s website here.