Hellisheiði Closed Temporarily Today Due to Roadwork

Route 1 Iceland

A section of Iceland’s Ring Road over the Hellisheiði mountain pass will be closed today for roadwork. Traffic will be rerouted via Þrengslavegur and Þorlákshafnarvegur during the closure.

Closed between 9 AM and 2 PM

A portion of Iceland´s Ring Road (Route 1) leading over the Hellisheiði mountain pass — connecting the capital area to the South Coast — will be temporarily closed today due to roadwork.

The road will be closed eastbound, towards Hveragerði, between 9 AM and 12 noon. From 10 AM to 2 PM, the road will be closed westbound, towards Reykjavík. Traffic will be redirected via Þrengslavegur and Þorlákshafnarvegur road (see below image of the Þrengslavegur reroute).

Ring Road
Þrengslavegur reroute (Google Maps)



Hellisheiði Closed After First Snowfall of the Year

winter weather iceland

After the first snowfall of the year, Hellisheiði, the section of road connecting the capital region to the South Coast, has been closed.

Several weather warnings were in effect through the night, and much of West, Southwest, and South Iceland are still under a yellow warning. Travellers can expect high winds, and unnecessary travel is to be avoided.

Expect Closures

G. Pétur Matthíasson, a spokesperson for the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, stated to RÚV: “This is the first weather like this here in the southwest of the country, where most of the traffic is. So, the conditions on Hellisheiði and Þrengsli [an alternate route to the South Coast] are not very good, which is why Hellisheiði has been closed due to the weather, and Þrengsli is at an uncertain stage.”

There are also reports of several stranded cars and drivers have encountered difficulties this morning due to severe conditions in the area. “This morning on Hellisheiði, there were quite a few cars that still had summer tires. The conditions were such that it’s not enough,” says G. Pétur stated to RÚV.

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration will reassess the situation throughout the day. Hellisheiði will be reopened as soon as possible.

There was widespread snow in the countryside this morning, including in areas of the capital region.

Get the latest information on weather conditions at the Met Office. Live information on travel conditions and road closures can be viewed at the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration’s travel website.

Hellisheiði Reopened After Bus Caught Fire

Route 1 Iceland

A tour bus caught fire on its way down the Hellisheiði pass around 21:00 last night. Vísir reports.

Reports indicate that the bus was operated by SBA Norðurleið and had some 10 passengers aboard. All made it to safety and there were no injuries. The 10 passengers were transported to Reykjavík.

The western route through Hellisheiði was closed while local fire teams responded. The bus was removed from the road around midnight and the road has since been reopened.

Route One Closed Between Reykjavík and South Iceland

winter weather iceland

Route One, or the ring road, is closed over Hellisheiði, between Reykjavík and South Iceland. Dozens of cars are stopped on the road, waiting for it to reopen. An orange weather alert has been issued for this afternoon in most of the Westfjords and a yellow weather alert in North Iceland. Travellers face icy and snowy conditions around the country.

Iceland has been hit by extreme weather in recent days, causing flooding and wind damage, as well as stranding travellers around the country. Ski parks Bláfjöll and Skálafell, near Reykjavík, will both be closed at least until this weekend as crews work to repair power lines destroyed in the storm.

Travellers are encouraged to monitor weather and road conditions on road.is.

Hellisheiði Road Closed Tomorrow

Route One over Hellisheiði heath.

A section of Route 1 between Reykjavík and Hveragerði will be closed tomorrow in both directions for paving, RÚV reports. The road over Hellisheiði will be closed from 9.00am to 8.00pm tomorrow for the paving of its easternmost section. Traffic will be directed to detour via Þrengslavegur (Route 39).

The road was initially scheduled for paving today but the work has been delayed due to weather.

Start-Up to Begin Algae Cultivation at Hellisheiði Power Plant

The international start-up ON Power will soon be starting an algae cultivation facility at Hellisheiði Power Plant just outside of the Reykjavík capital area, RÚV reports. The company’s owners believe that it won’t be long before algae will be a viable source of protein and nutrients which can be added to a variety of food products.

ON Power signed a 15-year contract with fellow start-up company Algaennovation concerning the sale of resources and property near the Hellisheiði power plant to begin their algae cultivation operation.

Microalgae are an important source of nutrients for animals in the wild and an equally viable as a source of vitamins for human beings. In the beginning, says Berglind Rán Ólafsdóttir, ON Power’s corporate market director, the company intends to cultivate microalgae as a food source for bait fish and then incrementally expand into using it in aquaculture, i.e. as food for farmed fish intended for both animal and human consumption.

In the long term, says Algaennovation founder Isaac Berzin, the is not so much to sell algae as a consumable end-product, but rather to treat and process it so that proteins may be extracted from it and added to other foods.

Ring Road Closed at Hellisheiði and Selfoss

Route 1 Iceland

Route One will be closed on Hellisheiði heath in Southwest Iceland due to road maintenance. Cars travelling in the area will be detoured via Þrengslavegur (Route 39). The road is scheduled to reopen at midnight tonight.

Route One is also closed at Selfoss due to maintenance work on the bridge over Ölfusá river. The closure is expected to last throughout the week. Vehicles will be detoured via Routes 34 and 39.

Travellers are advised to consult road.is for further information regarding roads and weather.