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Kara Connect - Þorbjörg Helga Vigfúsdóttir

Therapy for All

It’s a dark winter morning in Bíldudalur, a small, isolated town in the remote Westfjords, and 10-year-old Anna is preparing for a video meeting with a speech therapist to work on her lisp. While her classmates head to a grammar lesson, Anna works one-on-one with a specialist situated in downtown Reykjavík. That same afternoon, 51-year-old Kjartan sits down for his regularly scheduled appointment with a therapist, who is located in Akureyri, North Iceland. The only therapist in town is a close family friend. Battling with depression, Kjartan has up until now been unable to meet with a specialist. It’s impossible to hire specialists to come to every small town in Iceland – and that’s where Kara Connect comes in. All over Iceland, the start-up is making healthcare accessible to individuals who could not access it before.

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