US Citizens Encouraged to Fly Home Without Delay

The US Embassy in Iceland has encouraged citizens visiting Iceland to return to America as soon as possible. The statement follows a letter sent by Iceland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressing uncertainty about the availability of Icelandair flights after Easter.

No repatriation flights scheduled

In a special health alert posted on its Facebook page yesterday, the US Embassy instructed all citizen tourists currently staying in Iceland to return to the US as soon as possible, unless they are “prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period.” The Embassy points out that the only confirmed Icelandair flights to the US are to Boston on April 8 and 15, after which time the airline will reassess flight needs and may fly cargo only. According to the alert, the US government does not anticipate arranging repatriation flights at this time.

A message to Icelandic citizens abroad

The statement follows a message posted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 6 in which the Ministry encouraged Icelanders staying abroad to take advantage of available flights as it is uncertain whether Icelandair will continue to schedule flights after Easter. “Commercial flights will not cease completely after April 15, but the schedule remains unclear.”

Deal set to expire

As previously reported, Icelandair reached a deal with the government in late March, in which the government agreed to provide financial support to the airline so that it could continue to operate minimal flights to Europe and the US. The deal is set to expire next week.