“Waste Wagon” Visits Reykjavík Neighbourhoods

toxic waste truck

A special truck will be making the rounds of Reykjavík neighbourhoods to collect electronics and other hazardous waste which often ends up in landfills. The city’s waste collection company Sorpa first organised the initiative last fall in an effort to encourage residents to properly dispose of items that shouldn’t be tossed in grey bins. Mbl.is reported first.

According to Icelandic law, it is illegal to dispose of hazardous waste along with regular trash. Nevertheless, an estimated 150 tonnes of electronic appliances and hazardous waste was buried at Álfsnes, the country’s biggest landfill site, last year. Last fall, the truck collected 1,638kg (3,611lbs) of hazardous waste while making its rounds.

The collection truck will be on the road throughout April and May. It accepts hazardous waste such as batteries, lightbulbs, household appliances, construction materials such as paint and varnish, and more. As always, hazardous waste can also be disposed of at Sorpa’s year-round collection sites.

The truck’s schedule is as follows:

Árbær – Tuesday, May 7, 3.00-8.00pm by Árbæjarlaug

Breiðholt – Tuesday, April 23, 3.00-8.00pm by Breiðholtslaug

Bústaðir/Háleiti – Tuesday, April 16, 3.00-8.00pm by Austurver

Grafarholt/Úlfarsárdalur – Tuesday, April 30, 3.00-8.00pm by the drop-off centre on Þlóðhildarstígur

Grafarvogur – Thursday, May 9, 3.00-8.00pm by Spöngin

Hlíðar – Tuesday, April 11, 3.00-8.00pm by Kjarvalsstaður

Kjalarnes – Thursday, May 2, 3.00-8.00pm by the drop-off centre on Vallargrund

Laugardalur – Tuesday, April 9, 3.00-8.00pm by Laugardalslaug

Miðborg – Wednesday, April 17, 3.00-8.00pm by Sundhöllin

Vesturbær – Monday, April 24, 3.00-8.00pm by Vesturbæjarlaug