Icelander Wins Gold in Youth Olympics

Icelandic runner Guðbjörg Jóna Bjarnadóttir

Icelander Guðbjörg Jóna Bjarnadóttir won gold in the Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games on Tuesday, Vísir reports. Guðbjörg won Iceland’s first medal in the competition for the Women’s 200 metre run. Guðbjörg’s total time was 47.02 seconds, 0.67 seconds less than second place winner Dalia Kaddari of Italy.

The 16-year-old has had a standout year, breaking Iceland’s previous record for the 200-metre run three times since June. Guðbjörg also took home gold in the 100 metre run and bronze in the 200 metre run at the European Athletics U18 Championships in Hungary this July.

“She is both big and strong and has all the means to go far in the adult category later,” stated athletics specialist Sigurbjörn Árni Arngrímsson. “I think it’s realistic to aim for the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020.”