Sixteen-Year-Old Walks Around Iceland in 43 Days

Sixteen-year-old Eva Bryndís Ágústsdóttir has finished her solo walk around Iceland, RÚV reports. The 1,500km (932mi) walk – which Eva Bryndís undertook to raise money for the Iceland Children’s [...]

ICE-SAR Earns Over Half of Annual Revenue from Fireworks

ICE-SAR earned around ISK 800 million ($6.8m/€6m), or up to 60% of its total annual revenue from New Year’s firework sales in 2017 and 2016, RÚV reports. ICE-SAR chairman Smári Sigurðsson says [...]

Increased Pollution Will Follow Windless New Year’s

It’s looking like it will be a windless and dry New Year’s Eve in Iceland this year, RÚV reports. This is good news for merry-makers, but also means that there will be considerably high pollution [...]

Seedlings and Fireworks to Fund Search-And-Rescue Teams

Seedlings will be for sale alongside fireworks at the annual Search-and-Rescue team fireworks sale this year, to be planted next summer, RÚV reports. The project is intended as an answer for [...]

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