Dubliner Gunman Arrested, to Be Held in Custody Until Friday

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The man suspected of having fired a gun inside the pub The Dubliner in downtown Reykjavík last weekend will be held in custody until 4 PM Friday, Vísir reports. The gunman was arrested Monday evening, following a 24-hour manhunt.

Suspect fled from the scene

Shortly after 7 PM Sunday, the capital area police were notified that a man had fired a gun inside The Dubliner bar in downtown Reykjavík. The bullet struck a wall adjacent to the bar, and the shooter fled the scene immediately.

The police responded quickly, dispatching a large unit, alongside special forces and ambulances, to the scene. Although no serious injuries were suffered, two bar patrons did require treatment: one suffered a cut on his head while the other expressed concerns about his hearing.

The police later recovered a firearm near the scene.

Following a 24-hour manhunt, the gunman – who is in his late twenties – was arrested on Monday evening. After interrogations yesterday, the man was brought before a judge shortly before 5 PM. The police requested that he be detained for a week, but the judge only agreed to hold him until 4 PM on Friday.

During a statement to the news on Monday, Grímur Grímsson, the Detective Chief Superintendent, did not rule out the possibility of a connection between this event and the knife attack that took place at the Bankastræti Club last year.

Masked Man Carrying Fake Firearm Raises Alarm Downtown

Reykjavík pond downtown

Police were dispatched to the Vesturbær neighborhood on the west side of Reykjavík in the early hours of Sunday morning after receiving reports of a masked man carrying a firearm, RÚV reports. Thankfully, the matter was resolved quickly and the weapon in question turned out to be an imitation.

According to police reports, officers, including members of the police’s armed division, were sent to the area to locate the man and ensure public safety at the time the report was made. Eye witnesses reported the presence of six police cars, including two special forces vehicles, blocking routes into the city centre.

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Just after 1:00 am, a car was stopped in Vesturbær, and a fake firearm was confiscated from its occupant, who was taken into custody.

At time of writing, police were unable to confirm if the man was intending to present the fake firearm as a real weapon. The case will be reviewed over the weekend and state prosecutors will decide how to proceed.

Released from Custody Following North Iceland Shooting


Two people have been released from custody following a shooting in North Iceland yesterday morning. Northeast Iceland Police announced their release following questioning and stated that they would not issue a warrant for arrest. Two people are dead, and one is seriously injured following the incident, which sent shockwaves through the small community of Blönduós.

On Sunday morning around 5:30 AM, police were notified that a firearm had been discharged in a home in Blönduós. According to RÚV, the alleged shooter entered a home, where he shot its residents, a man and woman. The woman was killed and the man seriously injured. Police found the shooter dead at the scene.

Alleged shooter a former employee of one victim

RÚV’s sources stated that the couple’s son was in his room at the time along with his girlfriend and that he attacked the alleged shooter and was later arrested. He has now been released and no warrant for his arrest will be issued. Police stated that there was no suspicion of a firearm being used on the attacker and no suspicion that the attacker had taken his own life.

The alleged shooter is a former employee of the man who was seriously injured and has reportedly struggled with mental illness. Police had previously been in contact with him due to threats with a firearm and had confiscated a firearm from him. The alleged shooter held a gun licence.

Residents offered trauma support

A town hall meeting was held for Blönduós residents yesterday evening, as well as a support gathering at Blönduós Church. The Icelandic Red Cross has sent around eight staff members to the town to provide trauma support. Guðmundur Haukur Jakobsson, speaker of the municipal council of Húnabyggð, has called on the nation to stand with the area’s residents in this difficult time.

“The residents of the area are devastated, and we are still processing the fact that this really happened,” Guðmundur stated, reading from a statement written by the council on behalf of residents. “The thoughts of all Húnabyggð residents are with the deceased, those involved, and the relatives of those connected to this terrible event. The community is in some sort of shock, and everyone is trying to come to grips with these events and the emotions that come along with them. In a small community like ours, everyone is an acquaintance, friend, and/or relative, and an event like this wounds the community deeply.”